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Upcoming Section Meetings: 3/16/23; 5/17/23; 7/20/23 (Meetings are from 12 pm – 1 pm)

Call for Eviction Mediators.

Section Meeting – Sept. 9

Status of ADR in Nevada (as of 8/22/22)

Private Sector Mediation Guidelines


To increase the knowledge of active members of the Section and the State Bar in all areas of ADR; to study existing and future methods for improving the prompt and effective resolution of disputes; to encourage and sponsor publication of videos, computer, audio and written materials and publications on ADR; to conduct, assist and encourage public and professional ADR educational programs; and, to recommend changes in the administration of ADR in accordance with the policies of the State Bar of Nevada.

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Chair: Audrey Beeson

The Law Offices of Frank J. Toti, Esq.
6900 Westcliff Drive, Suite 500

Las Vegas, NV 89145

Vice Chair: Brian Brown

The Law Office of Brian M. Brown

3500 Lakeside Court
Suite 206

Reno, NV 89509

Secretary: Fran Fine
4233 Sunrise Flats Street
Las Vegas, NV 89134
Treasurer: Stephen Smith
3630 Luminal Lane
Las Vegas  NV  89147
Margaret M. Crowley (At Large Member)
255 W. Moana Lane, Ste. 209
Reno, NV 89509
Lydia Nussbaum (At Large Member)
4505 S. Maryland Parkway
Box 451003
Las Vegas, NV  89154-1003
Office: 702-895-2454
David Doto (At Large Member)
10080 W. Alta Dr., #200
Las Vegas, Nevada 89145
Staff Liaison: Judi De Marco
Board Liaison: Andrew Craner
Dues: Annual dues are $25



Uniform Mediation Act

Nevada Mediation Rules

Unified Mediation Act


2019 ABA Meeting – ADR Materials

Click the link to read the Supreme Court’s well reasoned compromise.

ADKT Order Amending Supreme Court Rule 42

Nevada Lawyer magazine article written by  Bill Turner