Therapy Benefit

This member benefit offers therapist referrals. If an attorney wants assistance in dealing with a difficult life situation, such as divorce, depression, stress, the death of a loved one, a traumatic case or any other stressful incident/situation, he or she can request the name of a therapist by calling 1-866-828-0022. The first three sessions are provided at no charge. The inquiry and subsequent three sessions are completely confidential.

What Happens When I Call?

Your call to the toll free hotline, 1-866-828-0022, places you in contact with a fellow attorney. You will be asked about the nature of your issue and provided with options for therapists in your area who have been vetted for professional standards, as well as areas of specialization. Therapy options are available statewide and  online via secure video therapy.

Who Will Know?

Your initial inquiry will remain completely confidential, as will your three complimentary therapy sessions. When the therapist bills the state bar, there are no ICD-9 billing codes and no identification of the attorney/patient on the invoice.

Contact Kristine Kuzemka for more information. (All calls to the toll free number are confidential.)

Kristine Kuzemka
NLAP Director