The State Bar of Nevada has programs available to help resolve attorney-client disputes. These programs are supported by State Bar of Nevada staff and hundreds of attorneys who volunteer their time to uphold the honor and integrity of the profession.

Fee Dispute Arbitration Program

The cost of legal services is generally left to an agreement between the lawyer and the client. Disputes solely over legal fees are not usually investigated by the Office of Bar Counsel. The state bar’s fee dispute program is a voluntary and free program available to clients and attorneys who disagree over fees charged. Fee disputes are resolved through mediation or arbitration and are binding if both parties agree.

Ethical Complaints

The state bar’s Office of Bar Counsel can investigate complaints of professional misconduct filed against an attorney, and if those allegations are substantiated, formal disciplinary proceedings can be initiated.

Clients’ Security Fund

The Clients’ Security Fund is established by the state bar through an annual assessment of attorney license fees. It is a fund of last resort, available to clients who have been the victims of attorney theft and whose attorneys are no longer in practice due to death, disability, disciplinary suspension or disbarment.

Other Available Resources

Lawyer Referral Service – Use this free public service from the State Bar of Nevada when you need an attorney, but don’t know who to call.

Unauthorized Practice of Law – Learn how to find the right kind of legal help and avoid the pitfalls of unlicensed notaries and document preparers.

Legal Information Brochures – Get quick information on common legal issues and about programs offered through the state bar.