Only a licensed attorney should give you advice regarding how to handle your case, what remedies you can and should seek, and many times, even what forms to use to seek those remedies. Receiving the wrong help could seriously and negatively hurt your legal rights, your pocketbook, and your life. Please click here to learn more about how only people with a license to practice law should be guiding you through your legal process.

The unauthorized practice of law in this state is a crime.  However, charges of criminal misconduct are the sole purview of the District Attorney.  As such, the State Bar can only make a referral to the District Attorney for potential criminal prosecution.

If you suspect that you or someone you know has been the victim of an individual practicing law without a license, you are strongly urged to file a written complaint with the State Bar of Nevada, Office of Bar Counsel.

Please complete the online complaint form below or submit a written complaint which includes the information contained in the online complaint form. Written complaints may be mailed to the State Bar’s Las Vegas office, attention Office of Bar Counsel.