Awards and Recognitions from the State Bar

Each year, the State Bar of Nevada recognizes individuals for their service to the bar and to the profession. The Board of Governors solicits nominations for award recipients annually, with the exception of the Presidential Award.

Past Recipients

Presidential Award

This award is presented to a State Bar of Nevada member practicing 20 years or more whose conduct, honesty and integrity represents the highest standards of the legal profession. Award recipients are those who inspire by example, advance the administration of justice and bring honor and integrity to the profession.

Past Recipients

  • 2011: Margo Piscevich
  • 2012: Dara Goldsmith
  • 2013: Robert Crowell
  • 2014: John O’Brien, R. Gardner Jolley, William Curran
  • 2015: Peter Chase Neumann
  • 2016: Judge Procter Hug, Jr.
  • 2017: Donald J. Campbell
  • 2018: William Peterson
  • 2019: Hon. Howard McKibben
  • 2020: Hon. Larry Hicks
  • 2021: J. Randall Jones
  • 2022: none presented
  • 2023: none presented

Bryan K.  Scott Trailblazer Award

The Bryan K. Scott Trailblazer Award is presented to a member of the state bar who exemplifies the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in Nevada’s legal community. Recipients are those who actively work to dismantle institutional bias and who create a welcoming and inclusive professional community by promoting awareness of diverse values, creating or supporting DEI programs, or leading by example. The award is named for its inaugural recipient, Bryan K. Scott, who was, among many other trailblazing roles, the first African American to serve as president of the State Bar of Nevada.

Past Recipients

  • 2021: Bryan K. Scott
  • 2022: Margo Piscevich, Franny Forsman, Dr. Ann Bersi, Hon. Gloria Sturman, Ann Price McCarthy, Hon. Nancy Allf, Kathy England, Connie Akridge, and Elana Turner Graham
  • 2023: Hon. Johnnie B. Rawlinson

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award is presented to a member for outstanding volunteer service to the State Bar of Nevada. The selection committee gives primary consideration to nominees who have served or continue to serve on state bar committees or sections and have demonstrated a commitment to the advancement of the profession and to the protection of the public.

Past Recipients

  • 2011: Jeff Rodefer
  • 2012: Bob Cerceo
  • 2013: Michael Buckley
  • 2014: Jeffrey Albregts,  J. Thomas Susich
  • 2015: Anajali Webster, Seth Floyd, Margaret Lambrose
  • 2016: Tracy A. DiFillippo
  • 2017: Brandi and Jasen Cassady
  • 2018: Mock Trial Steering Committee; Richard M. Trachok, II
  • 2019: Mark A. Hinueber
  • 2020: Kevin Speed and Alex Velto
  • 2021: Claudia Aguayo and Augusta Massey
  • 2022: none presented
  • 2023: State Bar of Nevada LGBT Section

Young Lawyer of the Year Award

This award is presented to a young lawyer or lawyers whose professional and public service achievements merit special recognition. Although all commitments to civic participation and community service achievements that advance the state of the profession are considered, special consideration is given to contributions to the State Bar of Nevada and its Young Lawyers Section. Recipients will ordinarily be Nevada lawyers who are either under the age of 36 or who have been engaged in the practice of law from less than five years.

Past Recipients

  • 2011: Paola Armeni
  • 2012: none presented
  • 2013: Scott Lachman
  • 2015: Matt Digesti, Layke Martin
  • 2016: none presented
  • 2017: Karl Riley
  • 2018: Jordan Davis
  • 2019: Amber Handy
  • 2020: Bronagh Kelly
  • 2021: Ashley Biehl
  • 2022: none presented
  • 2023: Caleb Green

Medal of Justice

This award recognizes specific contributions of note and is not necessarily awarded each year.

Past Recipients

  • 2011: Coe Swobe and Ben Graham
  • 2012: Kathleen England, Prof. Rachel Anderson, Beau Sterling, Jennifer Smith, Doreen Spears Hartwell, Claytee White,  Geralda Miller, Richard Boulware, Prof. Joanne Goodwin, Prof. Jeanne Price
  • 2013: Hon. Peter Breen and Hon. Jack Lehman
  • 2014: Justice League of Nevada –  Trevor Atkin, Randy Boesch, Lorien Cole, David Dahan, Dara Goldsmith, Brigid Higgins, Caren Cafferate-Jenkins, Mary Korpi, John Krieger, Nicole Lamboley, Eleissa LaVelle, Sharon McNair
  • 2015: Nevada Bar Foundation – Connie Akridge, Richard Pocker,  Cynthia Alexander, Ann Bersi, James Bradshaw, Hon. Linda Gardner, Kirk Jacobson, Mark Knobel, Margaret Lambrose, Gene Leverty and Lori Teicher
  • 2016: Judge Michael Fondi, Judge Merlyn Hoyt and Justice Cliff Young
  • 2017: Nevada Legal Services, Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, Washoe Legal Services, Southern Nevada Senior Law Program, Volunteer Attorneys of Rural Nevada and Mitch Cobeaga
  • 2018: Woodburn and Wedge law firm
  • 2019: Dayvid Figler and Bank of Nevada
  • 2020: The 2017-2018 Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice
  • 2021: Connie Akridge
  • 2022: none presented
  • 2023: Alice Denton, Jarien Cho, Marianne Denton, and Patrick Denton