The first years of a lawyer’s practice are a critical time in the development of professional habits, practices and character. To foster this transition newly admitted attorneys with less than five years’ experience will participate in Transitioning into Practice (TIP): A Mentor Program for Nevada Attorneys.

TIP is designed to provide transitional support to newly admitted attorneys as they enter practice. The program is not intended to provide substantive advice or training in the practice of law. Rather, the goals are to:

  • Assist new lawyers in acquiring the practical skills and judgement necessary to practice in a highly competent manner;
  • Train new lawyers on Nevada-specific rules and procedures not specifically taught in traditional learning environments;
  • Sharpen and enhance the practical skills necessary to compete in today’s legal environment;
  • Match new lawyers with more experienced lawyers for training in professionalism, ethics and civility;
  • Provide support, foster relationships and create networking opportunities for newly admitted attorneys; and
  • Provide a means for all Nevada attorneys to learn the importance of organizational mentoring, including the building of developmental networks and long-term mentoring relationships.
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