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Enhance the role and skills of the lawyers engaged in the practice of Appellate litigation through study, collection, development and dissemination of materials on subjects of interest to appellate litigation practitioners; assist in the formation, administration and implementation of programs, forums and other activities for the education of members of the State Bar of Nevada in matters pertaining to Appellate Litigation; recognize and discuss means of improving the law and the practice of law in the field of Appellate Litigation; and act upon all matters germane to its purpose as so described or referred to by the Board of Governors.

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Chair: Anjali Webster
Chair-Elect: Kelly Dove
Secretary: Marshall Willick
Treasurer: Jordan Smith

Immediate Past Chair: Marilee Cate

Members At Large:    

    • Judge Deborah Westbrook
    • Sharon Dickinson
    • Chelsea Latino
    • Therese Shanks
    • Anthony Gordon

Jeffrey Conner

Staff Liaison: Judi De Marco


Board Liaison: Alexander Velto


Dues: Annual Dues are $25 a year