Clients’ Security Fund Committee

The Clients’ Security Fund (CSF) Committee, which includes 12 members plus one liaison from the Board of Governors, provides reimbursement to clients sustaining loss due to their attorneys’ dishonest act. The Fund is a fund of grace not of right (per SCR 85).

Typical CSF claims involve issues of personal injury law, bankruptcy, probate/guardianship and criminal issues. Each member can expect to commit approximately 30 hours annually to CSF committee duties, in addition to two half-day meetings each year.  Ideal candidates will have diverse backgrounds in more than one area of law.

  • Terms: three-year term, nine year term limit
  • Staff Liaison: Robert Horne
  • Board of Governors Liaison: Andrew Craner,
  • Committee Officers:
  • Committee Members:
    • Dana Dwiggins; term expires 2025
    • James Kohl; term expires 2026
    • Diane Lowe; term expires 2024
    • Jennifer Salem; term expires 2024
    • Jeffrey G. Sloane; term expires 2023
    • Rosa Solis-Rainey; term expires 2024
    • Mark Thome (Lay Member); term expires 2024
    • Suzanne Warren; term expires 2025