The Nevada Lawyer Assistance Program (NLAP) was created by the State Bar of Nevada to formalize the clinical services available to attorneys and judges suffering from abuse, addiction and/or mental health issues which may impair professional competence. The program is confidential and headed by a treatment facilities staffed with medical personnel. Lawyers may self-report to NLAP (voluntary) or be referred by the bar’s Office of Bar Counsel for assessment, referral for treatment, and ongoing monitoring and support (mandatory).

Nevada attorneys and judges can contact NLAP to speak with a professional and get treatment if deemed necessary. The initial evaluation is conducted by a medical professional and is provided at no charge to the attorney; all bills for those seeking a voluntary assessment are remitted to the state bar with a unique identifier known only to the medical provider. Should you elect to seek treatment or therapy, any expenses are worked out directly between you and the provider.

How to Get Help

Members may contact NLAP to speak with a professional and obtain the therapy and treatment necessary to effectively cope with working in the legal environment and the inherent stress associated with the practice of law. The State Bar of Nevada has contracted with medical professionals to provide services for the Nevada Professional Assistance Program. These providers:

  • Serve as the central intake for participants; conduct a clinical assessment, including drug screening and patient history; and make recommendations for continued treatment, monitoring, etc.;
  • Collect statistical data and provide data (without revealing the lawyer’s identity) to the bar;
  • Provide for randomized drug screening collection and analysis; and
  • Provide ongoing process groups to maintain recovery.

Members seeking assistance may contact any of the following contracted providers directly. For assistance or questions about which facility may be a good fit for you, please call 866-828-0022.

Carson City

Josee Perrine, M.A., LCADC, MFT
Sierra Counseling & Neurotherapy
2874 N. Carson Street, Ste. 215
Carson City, NV 89706

Las Vegas

Mark Chase, MA, MBA, LCADC

Clinical Program Director, Professional Recovery Network (PRN)
7465 W. Lake Mead Blvd, Suite 224
Las Vegas, NV 89128
Landmark Recovery
3321 N. Buffalo Drive, Ste. 150
Las Vegas, NV 89129


The Differents
5950 Rock Farm Road
Reno, NV 89511

What Services does the Nevada Lawyer Assistance Program Provide?

Attorneys and judges seeking assistance from NLAP can expect:
  • An initial confidential assessment conducted by a physician through the Nevada Professionals Assistance Program. Initial assessments are funded by NLAP and are provided at no charge to the attorney.
  • Recommendations for treatment or ongoing therapy, if needed.
  • Ongoing support of the NLAP program through weekly process group meetings conducted apart from the bar’s offices and attended by other attorneys.
  • Monitoring reports (if requested by the attorney), which may be shared with employers for the purpose of demonstrated sobriety.

How is NLAP Different from Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers?

The bar’s Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (LCL) program was established in the mid-1980s by Nevada attorneys in recovery who assisted their fellow attorneys through AA meetings, one-on-one help, referrals to treatment providers, ongoing support to maintain sobriety, and referrals to therapists for assistance dealing with difficult life situations. Call LCL Toll Free: 866-828-0022.
Although funded and formally supported by the State Bar of Nevada, LCL is completely confidential and operates on a voluntary basis. The NLAP builds on the concept of LCL – and will work in tandem with LCL’s goals – by introducing a physician at the head of the program who can assess issues of underlying mental health disorders.
FIND AN AA MEETING NEAR YOU (Professional closed door meetings in Nevada)