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Labor and Employment Section Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Meeting has ended – download the meeting materials below:

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Nevada Practitioners’ Journal of Labor and Employment Law:

Vol. 1, Issue 1 (Feb. 2015)

Vol. 2, Issue 1 (May 2017)

Labor and Employment Section Newsletter:

About the Section:


  1. To enhance the role and skill of the lawyers engaged in the practice of Labor and Employment through study, collection, development and dissemination of materials on subjects of interest to the Labor and Employment law practitioners;
  2. To assist in the formation, administration and implementation of programs, forums and other activities for the education of members of the State Bar of Nevada in matters pertaining to Labor and Employment laws and regulations;
  3. To recognize and discuss means of improving the practice of law in the field of Labor and Employment;
  4. To act upon all matters germane to its purpose as so described or referred to by the Board of Governors.

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Amicus Brief Standing Committee Policies and Procedures


Chair: Kaine Messer
Vice Chair: Mike Dissinger
Secretary:  Arun Gupta
Treasurer: Andrew Craner
Northern Nevada Committee Chair: Luke Molleck
CLE Chair: Neil Baker
Membership and Communications Chair: Katie Bain
Journal Committee Chair: Marian Massey


Staff Liaison: Judi De Marco


Board Liaison: Holly Parker


Dues: Annual dues are $30