Continuing Legal Education Committee

The Continuing Legal Education Committee, which includes up to 15 members plus a liaison from the Board of Governors; provides leadership and direction to the educational programs for lawyers to understand the particular nuances of Nevada law and to maintain and enhance the skills of practicing lawyers. Members serve three-year terms with a lifetime nine-year term limit. The committee meets two to three times per year.

  • Terms: three-year term, lifetime term limit nine years
  • Staff Liaison: Eric Johnson,
  • BOG Liaison: Seth Adams,
  • Committee Officers:
    • Chair: Stephanie Buntin, term ends 2026
  • Committee Members:
    • Thomas Askeroth, term ends 2024
    • Rayna Brachmann, term ends 2024
    • Sarah Bradley, term ends 2026
    • Stephanie Buntin, term ends 2024
    • Jeannie Hua, term ends 2024
    • Asher Killian, term ends 2024
    • Matthew Morris, term ends 2026
    • Jennifer Richards, term ends 2024
    • Michael “Rock” Rocheleau, term ends 2026
    • Howard Siegel, term ends 2024
    • Valentine Vidal, term ends 2024