Financial Institutions Eligible Under SCR 217

Financial institution participation in the Nevada IOLTA (Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts) program is voluntary and all Nevada financial institutions taking part pay favorable rates over market rates.  The financial institutions in bold are Leadership Institutions and pay premium rates which offer increased financial help to support the delivery of legal services and access to justice for all Nevadans.













*This financial institution pays higher rates on select accounts.

**This financial institution is no longer accepting new IOLTA accounts.

“Equal Justice Under Law” means getting people the legal help they need, not just what they can afford.

To become a participating financial institution under SCR 217 or to learn more about interest rates, Leadership Institution status and recognition, email

Important Notice Regarding Financial Institution List

Neither the State Bar of Nevada nor the Nevada Bar Foundation has made any determination regarding the financial institutions on this list, other than the criteria established by Supreme Court Rule 217.  By creating and posting this list, neither the Nevada Bar Foundation nor the State Bar of Nevada expresses any opinion regarding the wisdom of depositing funds with a particular financial institution on the list.  No warranty, representation or guaranty as to the financial soundness, business practices, insurance coverage, if any, or other attributes of any financial institution is intended.  Each attorney should exercise reasonably prudent business judgment in selecting a financial institution from this list for the deposit of IOLTA funds.

Visit the FDIC and speak with your banker regarding FDIC coverage of trust accounts.