The State Bar of Nevada Short Trial Volunteer Attorney Program pairs volunteer attorneys with Short Trial Program participants in Clark County who seek legal representation at their short trial. Short trials are distinguished by a fast-tracked process before a judge and/or jury that are adjudicated over the course of one day. Short trial matters are civil actions that do not exceed an award of $50,000 per plaintiff.

Notice of Availability of Pro Bono (Free) Legal Assistance

As you enter the Short Trial Program, please be advised that you may qualify for a pro bono attorney to represent you. Pro bono counsel is an attorney who provides legal services without charge for the benefit of the public good. The appointment of pro bono counsel provides attorneys with an opportunity to volunteer their legal services in furtherance of their professional responsibility and, at the same time, allows financially eligible litigants access to quality legal representation without cost.

If you are interested in obtaining a volunteer lawyer, it is imperative that you complete an application for an attorney. Screening for Las Vegas participants will take place at the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, 725 E. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89104, Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please bring with you an ID and a copy of your paycheck stub or public benefits statement for anyone in your household. If you qualify financially, a volunteer attorney will be located for you, if one is available. This is a new program, and volunteers are being recruited to help. The attorney will meet with you, represent you in pretrial meetings and represent you at the time of trial. Also, please be advised that the attorney may be reimbursed from your court award for fees paid in support of your case. Examples of reimbursable court fees are expert witness fees and deposition costs.

Please be advised that if you want your volunteer attorney to assist you in selecting or striking the judge that has been assigned to your case, you must visit Legal Aid Center within 48 hours of receiving this notice. Otherwise, you must strike one of the potential judges for your case without the benefit of counsel.