Since 1928, the State Bar of Nevada has been diligently facilitating the administration of justice.

Prior to the incorporation of the State Bar of Nevada, a preliminary organization, the Nevada Bar Association, existed in Nevada from 1911 to 1928. At that time, the majority of members resided in Washoe County, and membership in the association was voluntary.

After becoming incorporated by state legislation in 1928, the newly formed State Bar of Nevada took on several milestone tasks, including:

  • May 1, 1928: Board of Bar Examiners named
  • June 27, 1928: Rules of Procedure adopted
  • August 3, 1928: Rules of Professional Conduct adopted
  • August 21, 1928: Bylaws and Rules & Regulations of the State Bar of Nevada adopted

By the end of 1929, there were 345 active members of the state bar, 121  lived in Washoe County, 104 lived outside the state, and 24 resided in Clark County.

Today, there are more than 10,000 members of the State Bar of Nevada. Most – 71 percent – reside in Clark County.

Former president Albert L. Scott summarized the amazing growth of the State Bar of Nevada in the speech he delivered at the first State Bar of Nevada Annual Meeting, held on Feb. 15, 1929. He predicted the growth that was yet to come:

“By incorporating our State Bar, we have made an entity out of what was formerly a disintegrated mass. I believe our child is a healthy one, and that it may become a lad of parts…It is turned over to our successors with the ardent hope that it may rapidly grow stronger and better, so that when, in the course of time, it reaches maturity it may then fulfill our fondest dreams.”