The Board of Governors is comprised of 15 members representing the four state districts defined in Supreme Court Rule 81. Elections for the board are held annually and governors are selected by the members of their districts to serve three-year terms. Also serving on the board is the immediate past president and two ex-officio members representing the William S. Boyd School of Law and the Board of Bar Examiners.

Together, the Board of Governors carry out the state bar’s administrative functions, set policies and procedures, affect rule changes, take legislative positions relative to the administration of justice and oversee the bar’s fiduciary responsibilities. Members are encouraged to contact their district representatives with concerns pertaining to the profession.

Our Mission is to govern the legal profession, to serve our members, and to protect the public interest. View the current strategic plan.

Photo: Nevada Supreme Court and State Bar of Nevada Board of Governors and Executive Staff, January 2023

  • Seated, left to right: Chief Justice Ron Parraguirre, Justice Elissa Cadish, State Bar President Paola Armeni, Justice Lidia Stiglich, Justice Patricia Lee, Justice Linda Bell.
  • Second row, left to right: Bar Finance Director Marc Mersol, Bar Administration Manager Manny Botello, Board Member Catherine Mazzeo, Board Member Kari Stephens, Board Member Terry Coffing, Board Member J. Douglas Clark, Ex Officio: Boyd School of Law Dean Leah Chan Grinvald, State Bar Immediate Past President Ann Morgan, Board Member Marisa Rodriguez, Board Member Brittnie Watkins, State Bar President-Elect Julie Cavanaugh-Bill.
  • Third row, left to right: Board Member Patrick Leverty, Board Member Jeff Albregts, Board Member Andrew Craner, State Bar Vice President Richard Drietzer, Board Member Seth Adams, Board Member Alex Velto, Bar Deputy Executive Director Lisa McGrane, Bar Counsel Dan Hooge, Bar Executive Director Kimberly Farmer, Board Member Joel Locke.