logo_trans_color_web_0STATE BAR OF NEVADA

Our Mission is to govern the legal profession, to serve our members, and to protect the public interest.

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Our Goals are…

  • To govern the legal profession in the State of Nevada, subject to the approval of the Supreme Court;
  • To aid in the advance of the science of jurisprudence and in the improvement of the administration of justice;
  • To promote reform in the law and in judicial procedure;
  • To uphold and elevate the standard of honor, integrity, and courtesy in the legal profession;
  • To encourage higher and better education for membership in the profession;
  • To promote a spirit of cordiality and true friendship among members of the Bar; and
  • To manage the business of the State Bar in a prudent manner.

Statement on Diversity, Inclusion and Justice for All

Recent events in Nevada, America and in many countries around the world have led our human race to new levels of both unity and divisiveness. This moment calls each one of us to examine both our core principals of humanity, and our responsibilities to make this world a better place.

The State Bar of Nevada issues this statement as a commitment to our attorney’s oath that we will support the Constitution and the Government and will promote the administration of justice. The State Bar of Nevada stands for justice for all and against racism and the systematic abuse of the justice system.

The State Bar of Nevada has committed to address the issue of race through open dialogues on diversity and inclusion, listening to the obstacles and experiences of people of color, and to explore ways to assist those lawyers and all people to know their legal rights and to protect such. Our work will continue through the sharing of our findings with law firms, promoting the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the firm setting and assisting firms to meet their diversity and inclusion goals.