Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers

Confidential help from a fellow lawyer is a phone call away


Any lawyer in need of confidential assistance with alcohol, drug, gambling problems, depression and stress: help is a phone call away. The LCL hotline will put you in touch with a peer who understands the issues of lawyers today. When you call, all you have to leave is your first name and telephone number, and someone with experience and who understands will call you back.  You will be listened to with understanding and support by someone who will give you resources you may not know exist out there.

FIND AN AA MEETING NEAR YOU (Professional closed door meetings in Nevada)

Who We Are

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers has existed in Nevada since 1985.

The organization is dedicated to helping State Bar members recover from alcohol and drug addiction, compulsive gambling, stress, and depression. LCL does not police, discipline or otherwise threaten the career or reputation of an attorney or judge who seeks help. The purpose of LCL is to prevent a ruined career or reputation by providing help before the damage is done.  LCLs services are discreet and absolutely confidential and are available at no charge.


Supreme Court Rule 106.5 provides confidentiality for individuals seeking assistance from LCL. All communications and actions are held in the strictest confidence and are not reported to any individual or entity outside LCL, including state bar disciplinary, admission, administrative or other state bar proceeding.