TIP Deferment or Exemption

The TIP program allows for limited deferrals or exemptions from the program (see below). If you qualify for a deferral or exemption, you may apply to the Standing Committee on Transitioning Into Practice by completing the form below. This form must be completed within four weeks of admission.

Exemption: Members are exempt from TIP if admitted to the practice of law as an active member in another jurisdiction for five years or more. Members are also exempt from TIP if residing and practicing outside the State of Nevada. If the attorney establishes a primary residence or principal office in Nevada within the first five years of admission, the attorney shall enroll in the next available TIP cycle. Members also are exempt from TIP while they are on inactive status. 
Deferral: Active members who are judicial law clerks or unemployed and not planning to practice law in Nevada may request deferral from TIP until they begin practicing, at which time they must enroll in the next available TIP cycle. If granted, deferment requests are honored in six month increments, with a maximum deferral period not to exceed two years from the date of initial deferral.

TIP New Lawyer Exemption-Deferment Form

    Note: If you are requesting exemption because you practiced in another state for five years or more, you must complete the following related question.
    Note: If requesting deferment because of a clerkship, you must complete the next two related questions. If requesting an unemployment deferment, you must complete the third question below.
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