Standing Committee on Transitioning Into Practice (TIP)

TIP Standing Committee members are appointed by the Board of Governors for 2 year terms. With the consent of the Board of Governors, the TIP Standing Committee actively vets qualified mentors, approves requests for program deferrals and supports the program with events like the TIP Kickoff in Las Vegas and Reno. They also conduct periodic meetings to review the program and make recommendations for future change.

  • Terms: two-year terms, 8 year term limit
  • Staff Liaison: Theresa Freeman,
  • BOG Liaison: Catherine Mazzeo,
  • Officer:
  • Committee Members:
    • Stephen Shulman – Term ends 2023
    • Richard Galin – Term ends 2022
    • Andrea Nichols – Term ends 2022
    • Kirsty Pickering – Term ends 2022
    • Andy Moore – Term ends 2023
    • Tara Young – Term ends 2023