Nevada Lawyer Editorial Board

The Nevada Lawyer Editorial Board, which includes up to 15 members, plus one liaison from the Board of Governors, is responsible for overseeing the editorial content in Nevada Lawyer magazine. The mission of Nevada Lawyer magazine is to publish items of interest and importance to the Nevada legal community and to provide a forum for thoughtful and respectful commentary on current issues affecting bar members.

Time commitment: The Nevada Lawyer Editorial Board is a working committee. Most members of the board serve as the editor of one of the magazine’s 12 issues per year; the estimated time commitment for each editor is 20 hours per issue. In addition, editors attend monthly meetings consisting of 10 one-hour videoconferences and two half-day in-person meetings each year; travel is expected for one of the two in-person meetings.

  •    Terms: three-year term, no term limit
  •    Staff Liaison: Jennifer Smith-Pulsipher,
  •    BOG Liaison: Catherine Mazzeo,
  •    Editorial Board Officers:
    • Chair: Patty Walsh; term expires June 2024
    • Chair-Elect: Michael Morton; term expires June 2025
    • Vice Chair: Charles Finlayson; term expires June 2024
    • Immediate Past Chair: Deborah Westbrook; term expires June 2025
  • Editorial Board Members:
    • Yolanda Carapia; term expires June 2024
    • Richard Hy; term expires June 2025
    • Laury Macauley; term expires June 2025
    • Joseph Riccio; term experires June 2024
    • Gregory R. Shannon; term expires June 2024
    • Kristen E. Simmons; term expires June 2025
    • Stephen F. Smith; term expires June 2025
    • Phil Su; term expires June 2027
    • Laura Tucker; term expires June 2025
    • Scott G. Wasserman; term expires June 2026