Mock Trial Committee

The Mock Trial Committee, which includes up to 15 members, provides direction for and oversees the operations of the regional and state Nevada high school mock trial competitions. The committee meets two or three times outside the mock trial competition. The majority of the committee’s time commitment comes during the spring when the two regional and one state championship occur.

  • Terms: two-year term, eight year term limit
  • Staff Liaison: Eric Johnson,
  • Board of Governors Liaison: Will Sykes,
  • Committee Officer:
    • Chair: Andrew Chiu; Term Expires 2024
  • Committee Members:
    • Kelly Brill; Term Expires 2025
    • Lisa Bruce; Term Expires 2024
    • Sandra DiGiacomo; Term Expires 2024
    • John Giordani; Term Expires 2024
    • Edmund “Joe” Gorman; Term Expires 2024
    • Robson Hauser; Term Expires 2025
    • Kimberley Hyson; Term Expires 2024
    • Shellie Hughes; Term Expires 2025
    • Emily Strand; Term Expires 2024
    • Tina Talim; Term Expires 2025
    • Shannon Wise; Term Expires 2024