Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility

The Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, which includes 11 members plus one liaison from the Board of Governors, is governed by Nevada Supreme Court Rules 222 through 228. The purpose of the committee is to make available advisory opinions on the ethical considerations of the practice of law, which shall function to prevent harm to the public from the unethical practice of law and to provide a clear and timely understanding of the ethics of practicing law.


Committee members are expected to attend monthly meetings (primarily telephonic); participate in the committee’s review and analysis of ethics and professional responsibility issues concerning the practice of law, including requests for opinions, relevant regulatory enactments and modifications to rules of professional conduct; draft and edit ethics opinions, advisories, and memoranda; and participate in educational and outreach programming provided by the committee.

Desired Qualifications:

Prior experience in legal ethics and professional responsibility matters; ability to conduct research on relevant issues and to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing; and ability to devote sufficient time and attention to committee matters (at least five hours on a monthly basis).

  • Terms: two-year term, 12-year term limit
  • Staff Liaison: Robert Horne
  • BOG Liaison: Joel Locke,
  • Committee Officers:
  • Committee Members:
    • Joshua Gilmore; term expires 2024
    • J. Rusty Graf; term expires 2025
    • Amanda Hunt; term expires 2024
    • Asher Killian; term expires 2024
    • Dan Laird; term expires 2024
    • Sarah Molleck; term expires 2025
    • Joel Selik; term expires 2024
    • Sheri Thome, term expires 2025