Magazine Issues

Cannabis Law in Nevada

April 2024

Cannabis Law Featured Stories: Black Market Cannabis: Nevada Tries a New Approach Wondering Where to Place Your Bets on Cannabis Rescheduling? Ad Hoc Rule? Department of Taxation Using METRC Rather Than Actual Sales Records to Assess WMT Tax in Audits Clearing the Air in Cannabis Consumption Lounges Are Nevada’s Cannabis Receiver Laws Unconstitutional? Article for […]

March 2024

Specialty Courts Featured Stories: Specialty Courts – A Catalyst for Positive Change Treatment Courts: A Road to Recovery A Collaborative Approach to Dependency Cases A Practical Guide to Getting Your Client Into Specialty Court Nevada’s New Approach to Adjudication of Water Law Cases Regular Columns: President’s Message: Saving Lives and Reshaping Futures – Nevada’s Specialty […]

February 2024

Tribal Law Featured Stories: Nevada Legal Services’s Indian Law Project: Serving Nevada’s Tribal Communities Nevada’s Tribal Courts: Applicable Laws, Court Rules, and Contact Information Sovereignty, Jurisdiction, and Lands Matter Indian Child Welfare Act: Upheld by U.S. Supreme Court and Enacted into State Law The New Law that Nobody is Talking About Regular Columns: President’s Message: […]
General Law Topics in Nevada

January 2024

General Topics in Nevada Law Featured Stories: New Year, New Laws: Now What? Money, Cameras, and Involuntary Discharge: Legislative Updates for Long-Term Care Updating Out-of-State Estate Plans in Nevada Changes to Nevada’s Residential Rooftop Solar Law Aims to Protect Consumers Keeping Our Porticos Accessible, Open, and Relevant Regular Columns: President’s Message: Civility: It’s Worth a […]
Housing and Homelessness in Nevada

December 2023

Housing and Homelessness in Nevada Featured Stories: Legislative Session Incentivizes Creation of Low-Income Housing Preserving Homes and Communities: Las Vegas’s Novel Eviction Diversion Program Homelessness in Nevada: Striking a Balance Between Individual Rights and Community Quality of Life Article for CLE Credit: The Summary Eviction Process and Common Defenses Download the Quiz Self-Represented Litigants and […]
Nevada Lawyer - AI - November 2023

November 2023

Artificial Intelligence Featured Stories: Ethics and AI Weaving Professional Ethics with Artificial Intelligence How to Protect Privacy in Use of Artificial Intelligence The AI Advocate: How GPT is Changing the Game in Legal Writing Rise of Machines: How AI and Autonomous Cars are Changing Personal Injury Law in Nevada Regular Columns: President’s Message: AI: Robot […]

October 2023

Legal Education Featured Stories: Generative AI and the Future of Legal Education NCJFCJ: Nevada Based Non-Profit With National Impact Improves Lives of Children and Families Seeking Justice Challenges and Rewards of Educating First-Generation Law Students Home Means Nevada for America’s College for Judges Boyd Law School: Transforming Nevada’s Legal Community for 25 Years Regular Columns: […]
Nevada Lawyer magazine - September 2023

September 2023

Guardianship Law Featured Stories: Considerations for Guardians Obtaining and Protecting Means-Tested Government Benefits Special Immigrant Juvenile Status and its Intersection with Guardianship Law How Lawyers Protect the Protected Person: A Lawyer’s Role in Adult Guardianships Article for CLE Credit: Adult Guardianships in Nevada: Changes Since 2017 Download the Quiz Article for CLE Credit: Is a […]
Nevada Lawyer magazine - Children's Law in Nevada

August 2023

Children’s Law in Nevada Featured Stories: New Rules of Conduct Clarify Roles for Lawyers Representing Children in Abuse/Neglect Cases Protecting Children who Witness Domestic Violence Practical Impact of Child Welfare Diversion to 159A Guardianships in Nevada Nevada Students Haul Home Hardware Article for CLE Credit: Abandoned, Abused, or Neglected: An Overview of a Child’s Entry […]
Nevada Lawyer magazine - July 2023

July 2023

Fourth Amendment Law Featured Stories: A Prosecutor’s Perspective on the Fourth Amendment Qualified Immunity: A Strong Defense to Fourth Amendment Civil Claims State v. McCall: The Importance of Individualized Articulation in Litigating Protective Sweeps Preventing Overcollection of Electronic Information by Court Rule Regular Columns: President’s Message: The Right to Feel Secure From the Editor’s Desk: […]
Nevada Lawyer magazine - June 2023

June 2023

Diversity in Practice Featured Stories: More than a Medallion: State Bar Launches Partners in Diversity Program First-Generation Professionals in the Nevada Legal Community Portraying Asian-Americans in the Law Achieving Diversity Banking 101: Assessing Legal Bank Accounts Regular Columns: President’s Message: How Have We Done With the Three Cs? From the Editor’s Desk: Laury Macauley and […]
Nevada Lawyer magazine: May 2023 - The Practice of Civility

May 2023

The Practice of Civility Featured Stories: Civility: A Guide for Attorneys Keeping Civil Discovery Civil Good Sportsmanship: What Attorneys Can Learn From Fencing Radical Civility Play Nice in the Sandbox Regular Columns: President’s Message: Introducing the New Creed of Professionalism and Civility From the Editor’s Desk: Steven F. Smith Nevada Trailblazers: Meet Alexander Chen Summaries […]
Nevada Lawyer Magazine April 2023

April 2023

Nevada’s Legal History Featured Stories: History of Nevada Court of Appeals and Appellate Tip Guide Structured Mercy: Historic Origins of Nevada’s Unique Pardon Authority History of Nevada’s Supreme Court Buildings Early Years of Nevada Supreme Court: 1864-1916 Rock On! The History of Nevada’s Attorney Musicians Regular Columns: President’s Message: 95 Years and Counting – The […]
Nevada Lawyer Magazine - March 2023 - Digital Privacy Law

March 2023

Digital Privacy Law Featured Stories: Data Privacy Due Diligence Key to Mergers & Acquisitions Not Your Dad’s Eye in the Sky: How Gaming Licensees and Regulators are Ensuring Cybersecurity Safety Article for CLE Credit: Cybersecurity Tools & Techniques: How to Meet Your Ethical Obligations Download the Quiz State Bar of Nevada Elections – 2023 Nominating […]

February 2023

2023 Legislative Preview Featured Stories: Nevada Legislature is a Citizen Legislature and Invites the Bar’s Participation 2023 Legislative Preview Lawyers Lead the Legislature, 2023: Meet the Lawyers in the Legislature Frierson Blazes Another Trail into U.S. Attorney’s Office The Las Vegas Chapter of the National Bar Association Hosts the 2022 Harlem Renaissance Gala Regular Columns: […]
Nevada Lawyer magazine - January 2023

January 2023

General Topics in Nevada Law Featured Stories: The Mechanics of the Major Questions Doctrine Romano v. Romano: Another Seismic Shift in Nevada Family Law No Quarter; Just Flapjacks Arabic or Roman? Citation Numbering Leaves More Questions than Answers Updates on Military Criminal Law/Procedure and Tips on Nevada Bar Engagement with Armed Forces Service Members Regular […]
Nevada Lawyer Magazine - December 2022

December 2022

Rural Practice Featured Stories: Rural Nevada and the Ongoing Legal Legacy of the Western Shoshone Struggle Pointers for Appearing in Unfamiliar Courts Meet Cheri Emm-Smith: Farmer, Judge, and Attorney Stipend Takes Summer Interns on Road, Offers Real World Experience with a View The Legacy of Justice James W. Hardesty Article for CLE Credit: The Demand […]
Nevada Lawyer Magazine - Estate Planning - Nov. 2022

November 2022

Estate Planning Featured Stories: Decanting & Fiduciary Risk: Just Because You Can, Does Not Mean You Should Where There’s a (Pour-Over) Will, There’s a Way: Nevada’s New Approach to Avoiding Probate with Revocable Trusts Parentage and Probate: Which Court Has Jurisdiction to Determine Heirship in Trust or Estate Proceedings? State Bar of Nevada Honors its […]

October 2022

Pro Bono Featured Stories: Join the Federal Pro Bono Program and Fight the Good Fight Pro Bono “Post-Covid” Opportunities Legal Services in Rural Nevada: the Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans Organization with More than 50 Years of Service in Northern Nevada Gets a New Name Pro Bono: The Trifecta of Professional Growth and Development News […]
Nevada Lawyer - September 2022

September 2022

Ethics Featured Stories: Integrity: Acting on our Ethics Unlawful Solicitation in Nevada Lawyer Advertising: From Networking to Hashtag Law How to Increase Your Billable Hours Without Getting Disbarred or Sued Article for CLE Credit – Ghost-Lawyering: When Being a Friend Becomes Your Foe Download the Quiz Lawyer Liar, Pants on Fire: Professionalism and “Truth” Regular […]
Nevada Lawyer Magazine - August 2022

August 2022

Networking and Bar Involvement Featured Stories: Networking and Bar Involvement: Finding Ways to Get Involved in Nevada’s Legal Community Network Like a Boss Networking & Bar Involvement for Young Lawyers The South Asian Bar Association of Las Vegas: a Young Organization Making a Strong Impact Annual Bar Conference Encourages Leadership, Personal Connections in Wine Country […]
Nevada Lawyer Magazine - Hiring and Firing in Nevada

July 2022

Hiring and Firing Featured Stories: Avoiding Legal Landmines When Hiring and Firing Techniques and Tips for Conducting an Employment Interview Obligations and Risks When Conducting Layoffs Committed to Diversity: Using Hiring Preferences Cautiously Recruiting for Diversity Regular Columns: Message from the President: Three “C’s” Will Guide my Term as President From the Editor’s Desk: Chad […]
The cover of Nevada Lawyer magazine, showing a gavel and a plaque reading "Gun Law" resting on a desk.

June 2022

Firearms Law Statement From the Nevada Lawyer Editorial Board Nevada Lawyer’s June issue takes a look at the laws that govern firearms both in Nevada and at the federal level. At the time the magazine went into development in August 2021, or even when it went to print in early May 2022, no one could […]
Magazine cover for Nevada Lawyer magazine stating the headline "The Hospitality Issue" with an image of Reno casinos in the background at sunset.

May 2022

The Hospitality Issue Featured Stories: Cheat Sheet for Non-Gaming Attorneys: Your Advantage Play Guide to Competently Communicating with Gaming Counsel Nevada Gaming Law History in the Making: Mohegan Tribe and San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Lead Native American Tribes in Establishing Operational Foothold in Las Vegas Broadening Gaming’s Charitable Reach: Recent Changes to Nevada’s […]
Nevada Lawyer Magazine - April 2022 - Natural Resources Law

April 2022

Natural Resources Law Featured Stories: The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in Nevada: A Compelling Opportunity for Comprehensive Strategic Planning Managing Natural Resources Conflicts Where Water Ends and Land Begins: Course Changes and Clean Water Act Lithium Mining and You: Every Area of Law Likely to be Impacted Regular Columns: Message from the President: The […]
Image depicting magazine cover featuring a gavel

March 2022

Trial Practice Featured Stories: Abandonment Issues: Avoiding a Common Mistake that Will Result in Your Post-Trial Appeal Being Dismissed District Court Shifts Operations as Pandemic Evolves Don’t Get Jammed Up, Preserve Those Issues The State Bar of Nevada’s Annual Trial Academy is Coming in April Vexatious Litigants: The Evolution of What to Do About Them […]
February 2022 Nevada Lawyer Magazine

February 2022

Unlock Your Member Benefits Featured Stories: Need Help? Call Us! State Bar Offers a Broad Selection of Services to Help Your Law Practice Self-Service: State Bar Puts Business Partner Benefits at Your Fingertips State Bar Sections Offer Plenty of Opportunities to Get Involved Affinity Bars Offer Other Opportunities to Get Involved Fee Dispute Committee and […]

January 2022

General Topics in Nevada Law, Including Family Law Featured Stories: Residence, Domicile, and Divorce: The Impact of the Senjab Decision Nevada Continues Healthy Growth of Adoption Laws How Lawyers Can Plan When the Law Decides Your Client’s Children Are Adults: Navigating Child Support and Need for Potential Guardianship How to Take Your Solo Practice to […]
Nevada Lawyer magazine - December 2021

December 2021

Tax Law Featured Stories: A Summary of Common Tax-Favorable Types of Incentive Equity: Corporations and Partnerships/LLCs How Deeds of Trust Work Some Food for Thought on Nevada Sales and Use Tax New Tax Law Specialist Certification Available in Nevada Article for CLE Credit: Practical Pointers – Paycheck Protection Program Loans Download the Quiz Regular Columns: […]
Nevada Lawyer November 2021

November 2021

Insurance Law & Coverage Featured Stories: Protecting Yourself from your Insurance Company’s Reimbursement Demand COVID Insurance Coverage: Herd Immunity for Insurers or is Coverage Spreading? Environmental Insurance: Paper Worth Millions Unemployment Insurance in Nevada: A Primer for Employers Regular Columns: Message from the President: The Joy of “AHA” Moments From the Editor’s Desk: Chad D. […]
Nevada's Public Lands - Nevada Lawyer magazine - Oct. 2021

October 2021

Nevada’s Public Lands Featured Stories: The Green Energy Domestic Mineral Supply Chain Paradox Renewable Energy Development on Public Lands in Nevada: The Fight Goes On Nevada’s Public Lands: Who Owns and Controls Nevada Article for CLE Credit: Constitutional Reflections: A Recurrence to Fundamental Principles and Forming a More Perfect Union (Part 2) Download the Quiz […]
Nevada Lawyer Magazine: September 2021

September 2021

Immigration Law Featured Stories: VAWA and Special Rule Cancellation of Removal Legal Options to Solving Restaurant Staffing Shortages Q&A with Nevada’s Immigration Court Book Review: Nevada Real Property Practice and Procedure Manual Article for CLE Credit: Constitutional Reflections: A Recurrence to Fundamental Principles and Forming a More Perfect Union (Part 1) Download the Quiz Working […]
Nevada Lawyer Magazine - August 2021 - Mental Health

August 2021

Mental Health Featured Stories: Secondary/Vicarious Trauma and Compassion Fatigue Lost in the System: The Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic Through the Eyes of Another: Leveraging Psychological Insights in the Legal System Exercise – A Powerful Tool for Brain Health Article for CLE Credit: How to Recognize When It’s Time to Get Support Download the Quiz […]
July 2021 Nevada Lawyer Magazine

July 2021

Government Power Featured Stories: Lawyering in a Pandemic Government Authority and Wireless Communications Facilities Not Above the Law: Thoughts on Prosecutorial Immunity and Public Trust Land-Use Planning and Control: A Perspective from Elko Article for CLE Credit: Ethical Considerations for Government Lawyers Download the Quiz 2021 State Bar of Nevada Membership Awards Regular Columns: Message […]
Nevada Lawyer Magazine - June 2021

June 2021

Appellate Law in Nevada Featured Stories: Appealing Appeals: Persuasive Appellate Case-Building and Best Practices The Virtual Raise It or Waive It: Preserving an Accurate Appellate Record of Remote Trial Court Proceedings Nevada’s Secret Appellate Court Trial Advocacy Course Changed Justice Herndon’s Career Path Bulla’s Background Perfect Fit for Court of Appeals Book Review: Nevada Appellate […]
Nevada Lawyer magazine - May 2021

May 2021

Administrative Law Featured Stories: Dealing with Dreaded Discipline Practicing Administrative Law Before a Municipality – What You Don’t Know Could End Your Case Before it Even Starts To Inspect or Get a Warrant? That is the Question. The Importance of the Administrative Procedure Act and the Hidden Dangers of Exemption Tips for Preparing Clients for […]
Nevada Lawyer magazine April 2021

April 2021

Disability and Public Assistance Featured Stories: Extended Leave Can Be Required Accommodation Under ADA Neurodiversity in Nevada Legal Case for Providing Special Education Services to Children Who Suffer from Trauma Special Needs Trust Planning Provides Guaranteed Supplemental Relief for Individuals Receiving Government Needs-Based Assistance Nevada African American Trailblazing Attorney “Firsts,” Continued Regular Columns: Message from […]
March 2021 Nevada Lawyer magazine

March 2021

Lawyers Working Remotely Featured Stories: Lawyers Working Remotely Department of Indigent Defense Services Helps Clients by Creating Connections Article for CLE Credit: Protecting Client Information During Remote Lawyering Download the Quiz 13 Lucky Lawyers in the Legislature 2021 State Bar of Nevada Annual Report Regular Columns: Message from the President: Looking Back at the History […]
Nevada Lawyer magazine Feb. 2021

February 2021

Nevada Lawyer Magazine Celebrates Black History Month Featured Stories: African American Attorney “Firsts” National Bar Association and Las Vegas National Bar Association: Still Standing Strong Upholding the Constitution Through Diversity Online Exclusive: African American Inventors: Protecting Our Intellect 2021 Legislative Preview Regular Columns: Message from the President: Equal Access Applies to All Americans From the […]
Nevada Lawyer magazine Jan. 2021

January 2021

Social Justice Featured Stories: Supreme Court’s Zeal to Secure Religious Rights Pattern or Practice Investigations: Improving Police and Community Relations Current State of Law in Areas Involving Police Conduct Defunding the Police: Possible Benefits of Reallocation AB 267: Nevada’s Wrongful Conviction Compensation Act Regular Columns: Message from the President: Coexisting: Looking Back at Religious Freedoms […]
Nevada Lawyer December 2020

December 2020

Property Law Featured Stories: Taking 5 in 2020: Eminent Domain and Takings Update Protecting Protest Art Mediation and Mitigation: How the Nevada Legislature Changed Property Law During Special Session Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic Article for CLE Credit: Aftermath of the Nevada Eviction Moratorium Download the Quiz Nevada Supreme Court’s Current Longest-Serving Justice Steps Down Staying […]
Nevada Lawyer Nov. 2020

November 2020

Military Law Featured Stories: Nevada Attorney General’s Office of Military Legal Assistance Celebrates Five Years of Service After Hearn and AB 222: A Participant’s Perspective on Veterans Court Military Law for Non-Military Attorneys Peacekeeping Status Report from the World’s Newest Country – South Sudan, Africa Article for CLE Credit: The Brain Disease of Addiction Download […]
Nevada Lawyer Magazine October 2020

October 2020

Bankruptcy Law Featured Stories: Small Business Reorganization Act: Perfect Timing in Age of COVID-19 Timing is Everything: How to Get Paid by the Bankruptcy Estate Pro Bono Bankruptcy Opportunities in Nevada Nevada’s Newest Federal Bankruptcy Judge: The Hon. Natalie Cox Article for CLE Credit: Eight Predictions Regarding the Impact of the Coronavirus in the Bankruptcy […]
Nevada Lawyer September 2020

September 2020

Criminal Law in Nevada Featured Stories: A Criminal Justice Reform Bill Aimed at Decongesting Nevada’s Prison Population Nevada Supreme Court Breaks Chains of Cash Bail When a Defendant Forfeits the Right to Confront Witnesses Post-Conviction Primer: What Happens After Verdict Challenges to Inmate Sentencing Calculations: Common Pitfalls in Time Calculation Habeas Petitions Taking Your First […]

August 2020

Women in Law Featured Stories: Is Lady Justice Gender Blind? Perceptions of Gender in Juries Mentorships Make a Difference NNWLA and SNAWA: Supporting and Celebrating Women in the Legal Profession Exemplary Mentor and Volunteer: Marisa Rodriguez Article for CLE Credit: Navigating Ethical Minefields in Personal Injury Litigation Download the Quiz Regular Columns: Message from the […]
Nevada Lawyer Magazine July 2020

July 2020

Personal Injury Law Featured Stories: Elder Abuse vs. Medical Malpractice – A Practical Solution A Premises Owner’s Primer Navigating Nevada’s Workers’ Compensation System Recognizing the Grief Cycle to Help Your Client Settle May the Nevada Legislature Constitutionally Revise the Rules of Civil Procedure? Regular Columns: Message from the President: The New World From the Editor’s […]

June 2020

Gaming Law in Nevada Featured Stories: Crossed Wires: How the Wrangling Over the Wire Act is Shaping Policy in Sports Betting How Will the National Spread of Sports Betting Impact Nevada’s Regulations? Doubling Down or Folding on Privacy Concerns: How New Technology in Casinos May Require Policy Changes A Raffle by Any Other Name … […]
Nevada Lawyer magazine May 2020

May 2020

Federal Law Practice Featured Stories: Practicing in Nevada’s State and Federal Courts: What Are the Differences? A Fresh Look at Procedural Limitations to Diversity Jurisdiction Removal Strengthening our Federal Court and America’s Legal Standard Through the Federal Bar Association The Role of the Magistrate Judge and Consent Jurisdiction Du, Trutanich Assume New Roles in District […]

April 2020

Consumer Protection Law Featured Stories: “DJustice” Unchained: How the Reach of NRS 598 Protects Nevada Consumers What’s Fair with the Fair Credit Billing Act? Article for CLE Credit: Privacy Rights and Data Breaches Download the Quiz NRS 162C: Disability Rights and Nevada’s Supported Decision-Making Act Timeshare 101 for Attorneys An Overview of Nevada Public Utility […]
March 2020 Nevada Lawyer magazine

March 2020

Human Resources Law Featured Stories: Election 2020: Navigating Political Speech and Activity in the Workplace Employee Leave Issues: Five Traps to Avoid Employment Law Changes Effective 2020 Time to Lawyer Up? When to Consult with Labor/Employment Counsel State Bar of Nevada Annual Report Regular Columns: Message from the President: Get the Most of Your Member […]

February 2020

Election Law in Nevada Featured Stories: Initiatives and Referendums Give Nevada Voters Power of Direct Democracy Redistricting in Nevada: 2020 Census Triggers Statewide Redistricting Requirement In Tie Elections, it is Better to be Lucky Than Rich Nevada Expands Voter Registration Opportunities Regular Columns: Message from the President: 2020 – Our Duty of Technology Competence From […]
Jan. 2020 Nevada Lawyer

January 2020

2020 Legal Topics Featured Stories: Basis Bumping: A “Gift” from the Grave Article for CLE Credit: Chronic Stress and the Practice of Law Download the Quiz: 1 AAMH CLE Credit The EEOC Process: Lessons Learned from Fort Bend County v. Davis It’s Time for the NRS 162A Power Play: Changes and Challenges to Powers of […]

December 2019

Entertainment Law: Festivals, Conventions and Events Featured Stories: Permits & Licensing for Festivals Impact of Intellectual Property on Nevada’s Live Music Scene A Roadmap for Navigating Celebrity Appearances at Conventions NFL Draft Comes to Las Vegas: You Can Bet it Will be Fun Vegas Loves Festivals Regular Columns: Message from the President: Our Obligation to […]

November 2019

Family Law Featured Stories: ARTICLE FOR CLE CREDIT: Big Picture Approach to Family Law Appeals Download the Quiz Spousal Control of Finances Safety Considerations for Family Law Mediators Surrogacy in Nevada Nevada Bar Exam Study: The MBE – Predictor of What? Regular Columns: Message from the President: Pro Bono – Commitment for the Public Good […]
Nevada Lawyer - October 2019

October 2019

Immigration Law Today Featured Stories: Immigration Relief for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence Public Charge: New Rules to Enforce an Old Immigration Hurdle The Immigration Implications of a Mergers & Acquisitions Transaction ARTICLE FOR CLE CREDIT: Trust Accounts – Why Do I Keep Hearing About Them? Download the Quiz Regular Columns: Message from the […]

September 2019

Education Law in Nevada Featured Stories: An Overview of Nevada Public Higher Education Law Equal Access to Education for Those in the Know: Protections for Postsecondary Students with Disabilities Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act Failing to Exhaust Remedies Under the IDEA Can Prejudice Non-IDEA Claims Class is in Session: A Brief Lesson on […]
August 2019 Nevada Lawyer Magazine

August 2019

Brewery and Vintner Laws Featured Stories: Beer Does Good: Homebrewer Charity Events Halted by Regulators, but is There a Solution? Co-Branding C2H5OH Nevada’s Three-Tier System: Still Strong, Still Being Refined Fundamentals of Nevada Winery Law Mountainside Retreat: State Bar of Nevada Annual Meeting Continued “The Great Debate” in Vail Regular Columns: Message from the President: […]

July 2019

Financial Wellness Featured Stories: Legal Mistakes That Can Lead to Financial Fiasco Be Wary of Student Loan Scams Common Estate Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Article for CLE Credit: Is Buying Legal Malpractice Insurance Always a Good Business Decision? Download the Quiz So You’re a Lawyer … But Can You Run a Business? […]

June 2019

Civil Rules Amendments Featured Stories: Overview of the 2019 Amendments to the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure The Rules of the Game: Comprehensive Amendments to the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 16.1 Brings Changes to Early Case Conferences A Brief Overview of Selected Changes to Nevada’s Discovery Rules Uniformity of State and Federal Procedure […]

May 2019

Sexual Harassment Law in Nevada Featured Stories: Harassment in Hotel Casinos: Legal Liability, Prevention, and Remediation Responding to Claims of Sexual Harassment Non-Disclosure Agreements in the World of #MeToo College Campuses Respond to #MeToo Stopping Sexual Harassment Before it Starts Regular Columns: Message from the President: “I’ll Be Your Huckleberry” Note From the Issue Editor: […]
Nevada Lawyer April 2019

April 2019

National Legal Trends Featured Stories: The Wire Act Revisited: How the DoJ’s Recent Reinterpretation May Affect Gaming in Nevada Wilderness in Nevada: How the Designation Affects Federal Lands State and Federal Election Law: Some Recent Currents Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Federal Firearms Law Lawyers as Healers: The Growth of Medical-Legal Partnerships […]

March 2019

Meet Your Judges Featured Stories: The Supreme Court of Nevada’s Newest Justices Meet Your Judges Article for CLE Credit: Judicial Disqualification: Federal-State Distinctions Download the Quiz Your IOLTA Account: What You Might Not Know Regular Columns: Message from the President: We Have No Secrets Note From the Issue Editor: Patricia D. Cafferata, Esq. Young Lawyers: […]

February 2019

Legislative Issue Featured Stories: 2019 Legislative Preview Lawyers as Legislators: Attorneys Serving in the Nevada Senate and Assembly Lawyers and the Legislative Process Contacting Your Legislators Music to our Ears: Pro Bono Cases Placed During Annual Family Law Conference Regular Columns: Message from the President: The Congressional Cure: More Lawyers? Note From the Issue Editor: […]

January 2019

Timely Topics and Trends Featured Stories: Employment Law Developments and Trends Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Copyright: Mass-Defendant Copyright Infringement Litigation: the Plaintiffs, the Pirates & the People who Pay Nevada Senate Bill No. 203 (2017): An Important Development for Nevada Corporations and Their Counsel The Case for Creditor Protections in Nevada’s Series LLC Laws […]

December 2018

Estate Planning Featured Stories: Getting Millennials On Board with Estate Planning Stand Down. Repeat, Stand Down: Your Fire Engine, Saturday Night Special and Prosthesis are Exempt from Judgment Article for CLE Credit: The Use of LLCs in Estate Planning Download the Quiz Nevada Asset Protection Trust: The Go-To Estate Planning Tool in the Post-2017 Tax […]

November 2018

First Amendment Law Featured Stories: Evolving Protection: Nevada’s Anti-SLAPP Law Post-Adelson and Shapiro Does the First Amendment Protect Employees in Private Employment? Public Records, Private Devices: The Nevada Public Records Act Enters the Digital Age A Review of Prior Restraints and Restraining Media Coverage of the Las Vegas Shooting Bidding a Fond Farewell to Two […]
Nevada Lawyer October 2018

October 2018

AI and the Law Featured Stories: A Brief Overview of Artificial Intelligence Application and Policy Autonomous Vehicles: Legal Considerations of the New Human Driving Experience AI – Are you Keeping Up? Won’t You be my Robot Neighbor? Dr. Bot and Your Sacred Body Article for AAMH CLE Credit: To Report or Not to Report is […]
Nevada Lawyer Sept 2018 - Land Use & Real Estate

September 2018

Land Use & Real Estate Featured Stories: Land Use Exactions: The Interplay Between Public Infrastructure Improvements and Private Development Making it Work: Golf Course Conversions 1031 Exchanges: The Tax Cuts and Job Act’s Changes to Exchanges of Real Property and Personal Property The Opportunity Zone Program Growth and Prosperity in Clark County: How Zone Changes […]

August 2018

Sports Law Featured Stories: Will You Soon Be Able to (Legally) Bet on Sports Outside of Nevada? What the Supreme Court Decision Really Means. We Have All Heard of the Nevada Athletic Commission, but What is the Extent of its Jurisdiction? Minor League Compensation and the Save America’s Pasttime Act of 2018 Article for CLE […]
Nevada Lawyer July 2018

July 2018

Attorney Wellness Featured Stories: How Real Nevada Attorneys Approach Physical and Mental Wellness AAMH CLE Credit Article: Identifying and Handling Attorney Stressors (Download the quiz) A Holistic Approach to Law Firm Wellness Strengthening Your Legal Practice by Strengthening Yourself The Silver State’s Legal Community Shines as Reno Hosts the National Mock Trial Championship Regular Columns: […]
June 2018

June 2018

Social Media and Technology Featured Stories: Navigating Cybersecurity Law in Nevada Twenty-First Century Marketing: Ethical Pitfalls Email and Attorney-Client Privilege Cryptocurrencies: The Basics and the Law Marijuana Advertising on Social Media 2018 State Bar of Nevada Membership Awards Regular Columns: Message from the President: Final Thoughts and Farewell Note From the Issue Editor: Laura M. […]

May 2018

The Ethical Lawyer Featured Stories: [Article for CLE Credit] Professional Responsibility Pitfalls: Often by Not Always Apparent Download the Quiz Recent Trends in Complaints to the State Bar of Nevada: The Times They Are a’Changin Mentorship is a Two-Way Street: TIP Mentorships Provide Opportunites for Both Parties Regular Columns: Message from the President: Being Accountable […]

April 2018

Lawyer Admissions Featured Stories: The State Bar Tackles Reciprocity Nevada’s Bar Exam: A Look Behind the Curtain Dean’s Column – Doing Right by Nevada: Adopting the Uniform Bar Exam Regular Columns: Message from the President: Tipping the Scales in Honor of Our Profession Note From the Issue Editor: Stephen F. Smith, Esq. Young Lawyers Column […]
March 2018

March 2018

Law Practice Management Featured Stories: Making the Jump from Large Firm to Solo Practice: It’s Time. Using Social Media to Communicate with Clients, Advertise Your Practice and Research Jurors Create a Technology Plan for Your Practice Is New Tech Clouding the Issue of Attorney-Client Privilege? Regular Columns: Message from the President: Building Our Future by […]
February 2018

February 2018

Marijuana and Business Featured Stories: We Don’t Serve Your Kind Here: Federal Courts and Banks Don’t Dance with Mary Jane Weed and Work: Are Marijuana Users the Newest Protected Class? Nevada’s Ban on Public Use of Marijuana Creates Problems for Visitors 2017 Legislative Year in Review Regular Columns: Message from the President: Spark Your Creativity […]
January 2018

January 2018

Roundup: General Topics in Nevada Law Featured Stories: The Affordable Care Act and Nevada’s Collateral Source Rule in Medical Malpractice Actions Probate “Pro-Tip” Primer About Your Public Utilities Commission I’m in Handcuffs; How Can it be Civil Contempt? Article for CLE Credit: Nevada Finally Ratified the Equal Rights Amendment. Now What? Download the Quiz Paralegal Perspectives: […]

December 2017

Bankruptcy Law Featured Stories: 11 USC 523 Exceptions to Discharge (updated 01/09/2018) Article for CLE Credit: Bankruptcy Issues in Non-Bankruptcy Cases Download the Quiz The Enforcement of Mechanics’ Liens in Bankruptcy WHOA: Homeowner Association Liens Generate More Litigation Join the Discussion: Whether Malpractice Insurance Should be Mandatory in Nevada Regular Columns: Message from the President: Lawyers […]

November 2017

Constitutional Law Featured Stories: Article III and Class Certification Testing the Bounds of Federalism: Can Federal and State Marijuana Laws Coexist? PISTOL: 10 Years and the Sky Has Not Fallen Article for CLE Credit: Effects of the Separation of Powers Doctrine on Criminal Law Download the Quiz Regular Columns: Message from the President: Professional Right of […]

October 2017

Diversity in Nevada’s Legal Community Featured Stories: Diversity Makes a Difference in This Profession A Pioneer in Family Court – Re: Nguyen v. Boynes Article for CLE Credit: Addiction 101: A Primer for Substance Abuse Disorders Download the Quiz Article for CLE Credit: Using Interpreters: Practical Tips and Ethical Considerations Download the Quiz Top Ten Myths and […]

September 2017

Construction and the Nevada Attorney Featured Stories: Article for CLE Credit: 2017 Legislation Impacts Nevada Construction Download the Quiz SB246 Affects Construction Managers at Risk Is the Retroactive Statute of Repose for Construction Defect Claims Constitutional? Nevada Tenant Improvement Construction Nevada’s Divorce from “Similarly-Situated” Construction Defect Claims Regular Columns: Message from the President: Celebrate the Constitution […]

August 2017

Corporate Counsel Featured Stories: Brief Answers to Frequently Asked Employment-Related Questions New Nevada Legislation Recognizes Blockchain and Smart Contract Technologies Adding Value to your Organization by Tactically Pairing with Outside Counsel Article for CLE Credit: Best Practices for Coordinating with Customs Download the Quiz 2017 Annual Meeting Highlights Regular Columns: Message from the President: The […]

July 2017

Elder Law in the Silver State Featured Stories: Nevada Guardianship Reform Bills Children of Celebrities Spur Guardianship Law Changes Elder Law: Not Just a Local Issue The Older Americans Act: Access to Justice for Those Over 60 in Nevada Nevada Powers of Attorney: Fundamentals and Misconceptions Regular Columns: Message from the President – Ready, Set, Go! Note […]

June 2017

Judgments and Collections Featured Stories: The Charging Order: Another Tool in the Post-Judgment Remedy Toolkit Collection Strategies for the Unsecured Commercial Creditor Practical Tips for Navigating Sheriff’s Sales Is Post-Judgment Discovery of a Non-Party’s Assets Allowed in Nevada? The Answer: It Depends. Regular Columns: Message from the President – I’m Glad We’ve Had This Time Together…. So […]

May 2017

Animal Law Featured Stories: Love Me, Love My Dog (Part Deux): Family Law and Fido The Family Dog and the Fourth Amendment PAWS Act: Protecting Domestic Violence Victims and Their Pets on a National Level Preserving the Fair Chase Ethic Wildlife Conservation: Education, Hunting, Habitat and Enforcement Opening Doors: Bar Diversity Scholarship Provides Opportunity to […]

April 2017

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Nevada Featured Stories: The History of ADR in Nevada: A Look Back The Multi-Door Courthouse in Nevada Nevada’s Mediation Landscape If I Had No Hammer: Collaborative Skills for Collaborative Lawyers Article for CLE Credit: Considerations of Neutrality and Impartiality in ADR Download the Quiz Regular Columns: Message from the President – Updates from […]

March 2017

Banking and Finance Law Featured Stories: Who Really Owns the ABC Company? FinCEN Wants to Know. Executing on Janus: Trouble with Trustees in Nevada Family Trust Companies in Nevada Practice Tips for Structured Settlements Managing Your Trust Account Meet Your New Justice: Lidia S. Stiglich State Bar of Nevada Annual Report Regular Columns: Message from […]

February 2017

Legislation Affecting Your Practice Area Featured Stories: 2017 Legislative Preview Uniquely Qualified Legislators: Lawyers in the 2017 Legislature Regular Columns: Message from the President – Access to Justice: A Rural Judge’s Perspective Note From the Issue Editor: Scott G. Wasserman, Esq. Young Lawyers: When Disaster Strikes, the YLS is Here to Help Pro Bono Focus: Meeting […]

January 2017

Personal Injury Law in Nevada Feature Stories: The Other “Personal Injury:” Coverage B of the CGL Policy Keeping Out of the Weeds: Defense Should Focus on Winning Liability Instead of Damages at Trial Reptile Motions in Personal Injury Cases Navigating the Rules for Non-Retained Experts Settling Wrongful Death Claims Regular Columns: Message from the President: “I Do […]

December 2016

Family Law in Nevada Feature Stories: AB 263: The Parental Rights Protection Act of 2015 – A Significant Improvement in Family Law Adult Disabled Children, Mandatory Child Support and SSI Benefits – What Every Divorce Attorney Should Know Navigating the Business Divorce Obergefell v. Hodges: A Year and a Half Later and Beyond The Danger […]
Nevada Lawyer November 2016

November 2016

ADA and Disabilities Law Feature Stories: ARTICLE FOR CLE CREDIT: Disability Discrimination Law in Employment Download the Quiz The Ins and Outs of Nevada’s Service Animal Laws Has the ADA Made a Difference? An Insider’s Perspective Nevada’s Veterans Specialty Courts Regular Columns: Message from the President: Volunteering Makes for a Stronger Bar Association Note from […]

October 2016

Feature Stories: Was Your Client’s H-1b Petition Not Selected in the Lottery? Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Question 2 Sweepstakes and Raffles: Do Not Gamble On Compliance Navigable Airspace: Where Private Property Rights End and Navigable Airspace Begins Practice Management: Planning For Succession   Regular Columns: Message from the President: Attorney Wellness Note from the Issue Editor: […]

September 2016

Feature Stories: New Local Court Rules for Federal Court Litigators Offers of Judgment: Can the Prevailing Party Ever Recover Attorneys’ Fees in Federal Court? Discovery in Trust and Estate Litigation Helping Nevada’s Contractors Get Paid Through Nevada’s Prompt Payment Act and Lien Foreclosure Claims How to Look Prepared at Your First Trial Regular Columns: Message […]

August 2016

Feature Stories: The Second Judicial District’s New Youth Offender Drug Court Tech Crime: Nevada Tracks a Moving Target ARTICLE FOR CLE CREDIT: Cybercrime and Child Exploitation (Download the Quiz) Out of the Way D.A.: Out of the Ordinary Cases Regular Columns: Message from the President: Plans for 2016-2017 Note from the Issue Editor: Patricia D. […]

July 2016

Feature Stories: Truckee River Operating Agreement: A Game Changer for Water Supply in the Truckee Meadows Drought Response on the Colorado River: Lessons for Nevada Addressing Water Shortages with Prior Appropriation Principles Managing Municipal Wastewater in Nevada: A History to Build On ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: “Use it or Lose it” for Nevada’s Water in Times of […]

June 2016

Nevada Lawyer – June 2016 Feature Stories: The Future of Foreclosure Mediation HOAs vs. Banks vs. Homeowners: Nevada Shifts Ground on Superpriority HOA Liens When Real Estate Professionals are Independent Contractors The Superpriority of Homeowners’ Associations ARTICLE FOR CLE CREDIT: Words Matter, So Make Sure you Understand What They Mean (Download the Quiz) Regular Columns: […]

May 2016

Nevada Lawyer – May 2016 Feature Stories: Taking Responsibility: Bar Counsel Weighs in on Ethical and Disciplinary Issues What to do When Legal Malpractice Arises Legal Malpractice Insurance ARTICLE FOR CLE CREDIT: The Rules of Professional Conduct in Legal Malpractice Litigation (Download the Quiz) Tort Immunity for Employers and Co-Employees in Nevada Report from Ely: The […]

April 2016

Nevada Lawyer – April 2016 Feature Stories: What Will Become of the Nevada Commerce Tax? Taxing Delivery in the Sky: Drone Delivery and Sales and Use Taxation in Nevada Tax Considerations With Multi-Member LLCs ARTICLE FOR CLE CREDIT: Marijuana Taxation: Strategies in the Current Landscape (Download the Quiz) An Overview of Deferred Compensation: ERISA and […]

March 2016

Nevada Lawyer – March 2016 Feature Stories: The Nevada Court of Appeals Delivers on Its Promise Key Changes in the Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure Taking the Mystery Out of Writ Practice The Appellate Litigation Section The Role and Need for Settlement Judges in Appellate Cases Regular Columns: President’s Message: Three Decades of Change A […]

February 2016

Nevada Lawyer – February 2016 Feature Stories: Navigating Closing Contingencies in Commercial Real Estate Transactions Malpractice Overview for the Transactional Attorney Exit Strategies for You and Your Clients Drafting Business Contracts State Bar Annual Report 2015 Regular Columns: President’s Message: Civility in the Legal Profession A Note from the Issue Editor: Laury Macauley, Esq. Young […]

January 2016

Nevada Lawyer – January 2016 Feature Stories: The ADAAA: Workers’ Compensation’s Blind Side Five ADA Traps for Employers to Avoid Conclusive Presumption of Independent Contractor Status, and What it Means for Employers Arrest and Conviction Records: An Employer’s Guide Regular Columns: President’s Message: Lawyer Assistance Programs and Mental Health A Note from the Issue Editor: […]

December 2015

Nevada Lawyer – December 2015 Feature Stories: Nevada Supreme Court: Insurers Must Provide Independent Counsel for Their Insureds Policyholder Rights to Independent Counsel: Issues Remain Regarding Compensation, Supervision of Counsel Avoiding Life Insurance Tax Traps The Court of Appeals and the National Judicial College Partner for Historic Oral Arguments Regular Columns: President’s Message: Your Bar […]

November 2015

Nevada Lawyer – November 2015 Feature Stories: Smoke Signals: Senate Bill 276 Relieves Medical Marijuana Industry Problems and Offers New Legal Opportunities Gunsmoke: Medical Marijuana and Firearms in Nevada Nacent Marijuana Industry Struggles for Access to Normal Financing Medical Marijuana Leasing: A Brave New World for Landlords and Tenants Into the Haze: What Employers Need […]

October 2015

Nevada Lawyer – October 2015 Feature Stories: Prisons for Profit and the War on Drugs Protecting the Rights of Young Victims in Court Confrontation After Ohio v. Clark High-Tech Trends in Nevada Courtrooms Article for CLE Credit: Search and Seizure in the Roberts Court in a Nutshell (Download the Quiz) Regular Columns: President’s Message: A View from […]

September 2015

Nevada Lawyer – September 2015 Feature Stories: Aviation Regulation and Enforcement Overview Article for CLE Credit: Aircraft Accident Investigation 101 (Download the Quiz) There I was at 10,000 Feet…When Happy Landings Depend on the Right Aviation Insurance Flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Nevada John Valery White on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Regular Columns: President’s Message: State Bar […]

August 2015

Nevada Lawyer – August 2015 Feature Stories: A Brief Guide to Nevada’s Justice Courts An Inside Look at Justice and Municipal Courts Learning the Ropes from Seven Justices of the Peace Justice Court: Strange But True Tales from Our People’s Court Regular Columns: President’s Message: Attorney Discipline: Where We Are and More Importantly, Where We Need […]

July 2015

Nevada Lawyer – July 2015 Feature Stories: Transgender and Behind Bars Parentage Boom: The Modern Expansion of the Definition of a “Parent” Can You Remove “the Gay Person” from the Jury? When We Assume… Regular Columns: President’s Message: Looking Back With Gratitude A Note from the Issue Editor: Erin R. Barnett, Esq.  Pro Bono Spotlight: […]

June 2015

Nevada Lawyer – June 2015 Feature Stories: The Worth of a Business Lawyer: Adding Value to the New Business Does Your Client Have Enough Business Licenses? Cutting Product Liability Issues Down to Size: A Guide for Nevada Startups Top Five Employment Law Pitfalls Entrepreneurs Should Avoid ARTICLE FOR CLE CREDIT: Problems Inherent in the Business of […]

May 2015

Nevada Lawyer – May 2015 Feature Stories: Help! My Client Wants to Make a Movie! The Music Industry Comes Full Circle: The Historical Irony and Future Implications of “360” Deals Organizing Live Events in the Live Entertainment Capital of the World The Legal Status of Making Adult Films in Nevada A Primer on the Live […]

April 2015

Nevada Lawyer – April 2015 Feature Stories: Nevada’s Right to Farm Law  The AG Client: Importance of Submitting Comments to EPA Rulemaking and NEPA Draft Environmental Impact Statements  Representing the Agricultural Water Rights Owner  Silver State Alcohol Distribution: From Grower to Consumer  Inside a Great Legal Mind: 12 Questions for Professor Chemerinsky  Regular Columns: President’s […]

March 2015

Nevada Lawyer – March 2015 Feature Stories: David vs. Goliath: The Battle Against Law Enforcement  Pursing Police Accountability: Representing Plaintiffs in Excessive Force Claims  Avoiding a Potential Pitfall of Nevada’s Open Meeting Law Inmate Claims Under 42 USC 1983 2014 Annual Report  Online Exclusive Article for CLE Credit – Intracorporate Conspiracy and Civil Rights in the […]

February 2015

Nevada Lawyer – February 2015 Feature Stories: Lawyers in the 2015 Legislature  2015 Legislative Preview  A Justice on the Jury  Online Exclusive – Marijuana Related Accomodations in the Workplace  Regular Columns: President’s Message: Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Bar, But What Your Bar Can Do For You  A Note from the Issue […]

January 2015

Trusts and Estates Feature Stories: Nevada’s New Court of Appeals  The Myths and Realities of Nevada Self-Settled Asset Protection Trusts The Unlimited Marital Deduction A Tax Checklist for the Trustee Becoming a Nevada Resident When Legal Forms Frustrate Testamentary Intent  Regular Columns: President’s Message: Nevada Bar Foundation Update A Note from the Issue Editor: Kristen […]

December 2014

Nevada Lawyer – December 2014 Feature Stories: Handling “Personal Information” in Electronic Discovery Tips for Claiming Internet Copyright Infringement Potential Liability for Employers Accessing Employee Social Media Posts To Text or Not to Text: That is the Question Safeguarding Digital Data Regular Columns: President’s Message: Your Bar: Improving Nevada’s Body of Law A Note from […]

November 2014

Nevada Lawyer – November 2014 Feature Stories: Dazed and Confused: An Employer’s Perspective on the Not-Entirely-Cut-and-Dried Rules of Medical Marijuana in the Workplace Getting Closer to “Having it All” – Directed Trusts: A Unique Direction for Trust Planning Suing the Man Behind the Curtain: Can Nevada LLC Members Be Liable Under the Alter Ego Doctrine? […]

October 2014

Nevada Lawyer – October 2014 Feature Stories: Nevada’s Crooked Territorial Justices Nevada’s Territorial Courts: An Unrecognized Political Influence Toward Statehood Nevada Supreme Court Law Library: Preserving History by the Book Embracing the Past, Looking to the Future Article for CLE Credit: Money Matters: Make Sure You’re Handling Your Clients’ Dollars with Sense (Print the Quiz) […]

September 2014

Nevada Lawyer – September 2014 Feature Stories: The Most Common Misconceptions About Pro Bono Work Eight Tips for Effectively Handling Your First Pro Bono Case  The Bench, the Bar and the Unrepresented: One Judge’s View  The Faces of Pro Bono Work: Nevada Lawyers Who are Making a Difference, and Why Why I Selfishly Accept Pro […]

August 2014

Nevada Lawyer – August 2014 Feature Stories: Litigation Risks of the Affordable Care Act An Overview of Employer Obligations Under the Affordable Care Act HIPPA and Attorneys: How it Applies and Why You Should Care in Nevada HIPPA and Private Causes of Action Section Column: Insurance and Health Law Section Regular Columns: President’s Message: Annual […]

July 2014

Nevada Lawyer – July 2014 Feature Stories: Sage-Grouse in the Sagebrush State Scope of the State Engineer’s Discretion When Issuing Water Permits Distributed Solar Energy in Nevada Fracking Comes to the Silver State … Are We Ready Section Column: Environmental and Natural Resources Law Regular Columns: President’s Message: Giving Thanks in July A Note from […]

June 2014

Nevada Lawyer – June 2014 Feature Stories: Deterring Egregious Conduct and Frivolous Litigation Online Research in Preparation for Voir Dire Admissibility of Expert Testimony at Trial: Guidance for the Trial Practitioner The Nevada Short Trial Program Effectively Using Jury Instructions in a Civil Trial Regular Columns: President’s Message: Lawyer Well-Being and Even Happiness … Come […]

May 2014

Nevada Lawyer – May 2014 Feature Stories: So Your Client has a Judgment; Now What? To Protect Trade Secrets, Companies Must get Smart About Smart Phones Corporate Records in the Digital Age Small Interests, Big Problems: Addressing Minority Rights in Limited Liability Companies Article for CLE Credit: Avoiding Successor Liability in an Asset Sale (Print a […]

April 2014

Nevada Lawyer – April 2014 Feature Stories: Taxation of Legal Entities: From Disregarded Entities to Electing Small Business Trusts Shifting Income Tax Through the Use of Trusts Article for CLE Credit: Some Tips on Tips (Print a quiz) The 12 Biggest Tax Mistakes that Cost Business Owners Thousands of Dollars Each Year 2013 Estate Tax Changes […]

March 2014

Nevada Lawyer – March 2014 Feature Stories: What Every Attorney Needs to Know About Bankruptcy You Can’t Have That: Moving to Nevada and Claiming Exemptions The Individual Chapter 11 Case: Still Problematic After all These Years 2013 State Bar of Nevada Annual Report Regular Columns: President’s Message: Unauthorized Practice of Law: Redux A Note From […]

February 2014

Nevada Lawyer – February 2014 Feature Stories: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Nevada Gun Laws Article for CLE Credit: Nevada Firearm Laws (Print out the Quiz) Elements of a Self-Defense Claim in Nevada The Path to Full Incorporation of the Second Amendment Heller, Nevada and the Second Amendment Regular Columns: President’s Message: Maybe […]

January 2014

Nevada Lawyer – January 2014 Feature Stories: The One Action Rule and Fair Value Defenses A Guide to the Validity of Mechanic’s Liens in Nevada How to Protect Yourself from Liability as a Property Owner and how to Secure Payment as a Contractor Article for CLE Credit: Recent Changes to Real Estate Law (Print out […]

December 2013

Nevada Lawyer – December 2013 Feature Stories: 2013 Legislative Year in Review Article for CLE Credit: Addiction: What to do? (Print out the Quiz) Stress and Addiction May Lead to Fraud in the Legal Community  Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Coordinator Leaves his Position … and his Lasting Legacy  Regular Columns: President’s Message: Lawyers without Work. Clients […]

November 2013

Nevada Lawyer – November 2013 Feature Stories: International Treaties Perspective on Sovereign Debt Litigation International Practice: A Global Opportunity  Projecting Airpower from East Asia: A Nevada Lawyer’s Experience in Japan and Korea  The State Bar of Nevada Honors Members Who Have Served in the U.S. Armed Forces  Benefits of a New State Bar Building Regular […]

October 2013

  Nevada Lawyer – October 2013 Feature Stories: Nevada’s New Anti-SLAPP Law: The Silver State Sets the Gold Standard Researching Legislative History Writing to Judges … Persuasively Why do I Need Books? Isn’t Everything Online? Article for CLE Credit: Effective Contract Drafting (Print out the Quiz) Supreme Court Case Analysis: A Snapshot of the Nevada […]

September 2013

Nevada Lawyer – September 2013 Feature Stories: A Letter from the Governor Legacy in the Making: The Las Vegas Latino Bar Association  The Legacy of Judge John F. Mendoza Nevada’s Hispanic Leaders  Court Interpreters – Providing Equal Access to Justice It’s Your Bar: 2013 Annual Meeting  Regular Columns: President’s Message: Lost in Translation: Nevada Notary […]

August 2013

Nevada Lawyer – August 2013 Feature Stories: Probate Appeals from the Probate Commissioner and the District Court NRAP 5 and the Intersection of State Law and Federal Jurisdiction Article for CLE Credit: Drafting Attorney Fees Orders to Withstand an Appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court  (Print out the Quiz) Regular Columns: President’s Message: Let’s Get […]

July 2013

Nevada Lawyer – July 2013 Feature Stories: OSHA Whistleblower Protection The NLRB Prescribes Bitter Medicine to Employers The EEOC’s 2013-2016 Strategic Enforcement Plan Article for CLE Credit: Employment Interview and Application Tips (Print out the CLE Quiz) The Interplay Between ADA and FMLA and Employer Obligations with Respect to Leaves of Absence Regular Columns: President’s […]

June 2013

Nevada Lawyer – June 2013 Feature Stories: The Nevada Supreme Court Clarifies Mechanics’ Lien Priority Dillon’s Rule in Nevada Municipal Exactions and Development Conditions Municipal Obligations in Nevada Cashing in on Redevelopment Representing a Public Body in Real Time Regular Columns: President’s Message: The Vital Role of State Bar Sections A Note from the Issue […]

May 2013

Nevada Lawyer – May 2013 Feature Stories: Tips of the Trade: Asset Protection Planning The Importance of Estate Planning for Same-Sex and Unmarried Couples When the Family Business Fails to Plan, it Plans to Fail Did the American Taxpayer Relief Act put a Nail in the Coffin of Estate Planning? IOLTA and the Justice League […]

April 2013

Nevada Lawyer – April 2013 Feature Stories: Mining in Nevada: Rewards and Risks Environmental Regulation of Nevada’s Mining Industry The Taxation of Mining A View of the TIP Program  Regular Columns: President’s Message: Helping our Impaired Colleagues; Protecting the Public A Note from the Editor: John R. Zimmerman, Esq. Pro Bono Spotlight: Robert Caldwell Judicial […]

March 2013

  Nevada Lawyer – March 2013 Feature Stories: Unfinished Business Lateral hires: A Primer to Minimizing Imputed Disqualifications A View From Bar Counsel: Quick Answers to Common Ethical Dilemmas  The Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility  State Bar of Nevada Annual Report  Article for CLE Credit: Staying Ethical in the Digital Age (Print the quiz) […]

February 2013

Nevada Lawyer – February 2013 Feature Stories: Meet the Lawyers in the Legislature 2013 Legislative Preview – Legislation Affecting Your Practice Area Legislating in the Wake of the Clean Water Coalition Case Establishing a Nevada Court of Appeals Means Greater Access to to Justice and Greater Stability for Nevada’s Businesses Client Security Fund Chair Janet […]

January 2013

Nevada Lawyer – January 2013 Feature Stories: The Nuts and Bolts of Starting a Law Practice Ethical and Practical Considerations for Solo Practitioners and Small Firms Representing Early-Stage Companies Using Your Roots to Generate More Clients Article for CLE Credit: Addiction, Substance Abuse and the Legal Profession (Print the Quiz) Annual National Celebrate Pro Bono […]

December 2012

Nevada Lawyer – December 2012 Feature Stories: Making Sense of Nevada’s Alter Ego Doctrine From Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After: Buy-Sell Agreements The Uncertainties of Series LLCs Behind the Scenes with Law Related Education Say “Yes” to Pro Bono Regular Columns: President’s Message: (Still) on the Road from Cuba Issue Editor’s Column: […]

November 2012

Nevada Lawyer – November 2012 Feature Stories: Employer Social Media Policies and the National Labor Relations Act Public Employees and the First Amendment: The Intersection of Free Speech Rights and Social Media To Facebook or not to Facebook, That is the Question Grant Making: A Great Responsibility Conversation with the Chief Justice  State Bar of […]

October 2012

Nevada Lawyer – October 2012 Feature Stories: Appellate Practice Tips from Our Ninth Circuit Judges Federal Judicial Selection and the Senate’s Blue Slip “Tradition” Senior Status Quo? Changes to Nevada’s Federal Bench Reflect Federal Judiciary’s Trend – Increasing Reliance on Senior Judges Meet Your Judges: Navarro and Du Two Female “Firsts” Celebrate Pro Bono Week […]

September 2012

Nevada Lawyer – September 2012 Feature Stories: Lessons Learned from the “Ballot Royale” Controversy in Nevada Landmark Election Reform Bills Legislators’ Votes Not Protected Speech Post-Election Law and Procedure in Nevada Occasionally Lady Luck Decides Elections in Nevada Regular Columns: President’s Message: E-Mail: The 24 Hour Rule and Other Considerations Issue Editor’s Column: Patricia D. […]

August 2012

Nevada Lawyer – August 2012 Feature Stories: RPCs and Marketing in the Digital Age Technological Developments and the Nevada Supreme Court Google Makes New Features Rain Down on Cloud Apps Build Your Reputation and Grow Your Practice with Strategic Marketing 2012 Annual Meeting Report Online Exclusive: Violence Survey Report Regular Columns: President’s Message: Got Sleep? […]

July 2012

Nevada Lawyer – July 2012 Feature Stories: Development of Renewable Energy Projects of Federal Land (citations) Who Owns Nevada? An Introduction to Public Lands RS 2477:  Public Rights-of-Way in an Era of Administrative Avoidance (citations) Regular Columns: President’s Message: It’s Your Bar Issue Editor’s Column: John R. Zimmerman, Esq. Dean’s Column: Nevada’s Public Lands and […]

June 2012

Nevada Lawyer – June 2012 Feature Stories: The Enforceability of Grandparent Visitation Orders AB 350 Helps Foster Youth Transition Into Adulthood Say What? Communication and the Teenage Client Regular Columns: President’s Message: The Future is Bright Because of You Issue Editor’s Column: Kristen E. Simmons, Esq. Dean’s Column: Unchain the Children Young Lawyers: Gut-Check Time: […]

May 2012

Nevada Lawyer – May 2012 Feature Stories: Diversity Initiatives: The American Bar Association and the State Bar of Nevada Diversity Committee The Need for Diversity Champions and Sponsorship Programs in the Legal Profession The State Bar of Nevada’s Law Related Education Program Specialty Bars Make an Impact Nevada Attorneys and Banks Work Together to Help […]

April 2012

Nevada Lawyer – April 2012 Feature Stories: Nevada’s Open Meeting Law: Promoting Transparent Government Civil Forfeiture in Nevada A General Public Records Analysis Under the Nevada Public Records Act A Quick Review of Takings Law in Nevada Bankruptcy for the Government Attorney Regular Columns: President’s Message: No Intermediate Appellate Court, No Justice, No Freedom Issue […]

March 2012

Nevada Lawyer – March 2012 Feature Stories: Measuring the Success of Nevada’s Foreclosure Mediation Program Nevada’s Foreclosure Mediation Program Turns Two Years Old: Is It Working? Foreclosure Mediation in Nevada: Why Hasn’t It Worked? Eminent Domain in a Down Economy State Bar of Nevada 2011 Annual Report Regular Columns: President’s Message: First Step in Relocating […]

February 2012

Nevada Lawyer – February 2012 Feature Stories: About This Special Black History Month Issue Timeline of African-American Legal History in Nevada (1861-2011) Charles L. Kellar: Legal Trailblazer in Nevada Nevada Civil Rights Act of 1965 Dedicated to Excellence: National Bar Association, Las Vegas Chapter Bar None: Pioneer African-American Lawyers in Northern Nevada Regular Columns: President’s […]

January 2012

Nevada Lawyer – January 2012 Feature Stories: Navigating Post-Judgment Motions in Nevada State Court Avoiding Pitfalls Acquiring Attorneys’ Fees from an Adversary What Settlement Tools Have You Left Unused? Nevada’s Computation of Damages Rule Arbitration: Advocacy Skills and Tactics Picking Up the Pieces: Making Clients Whole Again Regular Columns: President’s Message: Imagine What You Can […]

December 2011

Nevada Lawyer – December 2011 Feature Stories: An Overview of Animal Law in Nevada Estate Planning for Pets Nevada Lawyer Goes to the Dogs (and Cats, and Birds, and Snakes) Advocating for Adoptions Check the Box and Let Nevadans in Trouble Know They Aren’t Alone This May Be the Most Important Networking You’ll Ever Do […]

November 2011

Nevada Lawyer – November 2011 Printed Feature Stories: Nevada Federal Court: The Next Best Place for Patent Litigation? Nevada Selected as Patent Pilot Program Jurisdiction Betty Boop in Wonderland, or Through the Licensing Glass Common Mistakes Made by IP Law Practitioners  Using our Legal Skills to Help Those Who Served State Bar of Nevada Members […]

October 2011

Nevada Lawyer – October 2011 Feature Stories: Summary of Selected 2011 Legislation Relating to Courts, Judicial Procedure and Criminal Justice AB 273 Creates New Challenges for Secured Lenders Meet Your New United States Magistrates Regular Columns: President’s Message: Celebrate – Make Pro Bono Part of the Fabric of Your Life Note from the Issue Editor: […]

September 2011

Nevada Lawyer – September 2011 Feature Stories: The Creation of the William S. Boyd School of Law Reflections on the William S. Boyd School of Law Charter Class State of the Law School: Achieving Academic Excellence for Nevada The Nevada Law Journal: Reaching the Bar NRCP16.1(A): In Full Disclosure Regular Columns: President’s Message: A Fond […]

August 2011

Nevada Lawyer – August 2011 Feature Stories: A Quick Guide to Nevada’s Tribal Courts Appellate Law in Nevada Indian Country: The Inter-Tribal Court of Appeals A Snapshot of Indian Criminal Law in the District of Nevada Tribal Courts in Nevada: Alive and Well Nevada Legal Services Tribal Court Advocate Training Project Washoe Tribal Court Tradition […]

July 2011

Nevada Lawyer – July 2011 Feature Stories: A Brief Summary of the Nevada Administrative Procedure Act Nevada Sales and Use Tax Issues for Administrative Law Practitioners Judicial Review of Municipal Decisions: Four Pitfalls to Avoid Point-Counterpoint: Why Nevada Needs a Central Panel of Hearing Officers: PRO CON Practice Tip: Writing Findings of Fact, Conclusions of […]

June 2011

Nevada Lawyer – June 2011 Feature Stories: Health Care Reform: Keeping Abreast of Oncoming Obligations Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008: What Employers Should Know to Avoid Liability Under the More Subtle Provisions of the Act Health Care Legislation: One Lawyer’s Journey with the Constitutional Question of Our Time Regular Columns: Message from the President: […]

May 2011

Nevada Lawyer – May 2011 Feature Stories: The Evolving Concept of Marriage and Coming Convergence of Marital and Non-Marital Property and Support Law “I Spent the Money on Whiskey, Women and Gambling; the Rest, I Wasted” Family Law at Ely – Scholarship and Socializing Regular Columns: A Note from the Issue Editor: Kristen Simmons, Esq. […]

April 2011

Nevada Lawyer – April 2011 Feature Stories: Billing Practices for Difficult Financial Times Nothing is Certain but Death and Taxes, So What About the Estate Tax?  Making Fee Dispute Arbitration Work for You Making it Count: IOLTA Partnerships Pay Off Regular Columns: A Note from the Issue Editor: Beau Sterling, Esq. Message from the President: […]

March 2011

Nevada Lawyer – March 2011 Feature Stories: Pioneering Women in Nevada Law: Nevada Female Firsts Nevada Female Attorneys Today: Member Demographics by Gender Nevada’s First Ladies of Law: A Few of the Women Who Laid the Groundwork A Snapshot of Four Legal Careers: The Advancement of Women in Today’s Legal Field Women’s Associations Within Nevada’s […]

February 2011

Nevada Lawyer – February 2011 Feature Stories: 2011 Legislative Preview: Legislation Affecting Your Practice Area Redistricting in Nevada in 2011: Why We Redistrict Every 10 Years Regular Columns: A Note from the Issue Editor: Scott Wasserman, Esq. Message from the President: Supreme Court Rule 217? Bar Counsel Column: A Change in Your Bar Counsel Dean’s […]

January 2011

Nevada Lawyer – January 2011 Feature Stories: The Environmental Aspects of Renewable Energy Projects Turbid Waters: The Interaction Between Interbasin Transfers and the Clean Water Act Practical Tips for Navigating a Nevada Water Rights Transaction Green is Good; Greenwashing is Bad: Get to Know the FTC Green Guides  Why IOLTA Matters Righting Wrongs: Clients’ Security […]

December 2010

Life and the Law Feature Stories: Work/Life Balance – How Some Attorneys Maintain an Even Keel Lawyers are People Too Want to Sharpen Your Mind? Cut Your Stress. Are Your Trust Accounts Compliant? July 2010 Bar Exam Results and Admission Ceremony Regular Columns: President’s Message: Advice for New Bar Members Note from the Issue Editor: […]

November 2010

Military and Veterans Issue Feature Stories: Rule of Law Development in Afghanistan: A Brief Report From Running Rebel to Contracting Counterinsurgent: A Nevada Lawyer’s Experience Putting Economic Power on Target in Afghanistan State Bar of Nevada Honors Members Who’ve Served in the U.S. Armed Forces Requesting Protected Health Information from Military Medical Treatment Facilities: The […]

October 2010

Evidence in Nevada Feature Stories: Evidence in Nevada: A Survey of Current Nevada Supreme Court Decisions Expert Witness: The Nevada Supreme Court Clarifies Adherence to NRS 50.275 and Judicial Discretion, Expressly Declining to Embrace the Federal Daubert Approach A Primer on Admitting Web Pages Into Evidence A Brief Overview of the Use of Evidence in […]

September 2010

Law Office Management Feature Stories: Legal Compensation Models and the New Nevada Legal Economy Pitfall Potential: The Risks of Social Media Article for CLE Credit: Estate of Confusion: Federal Estate Tax “Repeal” and Carryover Basis Regular Columns: President’s Message: Thoughts on the Annual Meeting Note from the Issue Editor: Mark A. Hinueber, Esq. Dean’s Column: […]

August 2010

Nevada’s Rural Courts: the 5th District Feature Stories: 5th Judicial District Court Judges on the Main Road, But Off the Beaten Track Only in Beatty: Experiences as a Justice of the Peace The Case of the Crippled Slot Nevada’s Original Jurists Regular Columns: President’s Message: Innovations Move the State Bar of Nevada Into a Brighter […]

July 2010

Construction Defect and Common-Interest Communities Feature Stories: Shared Burden: An Overview of Common-Interest Community Finances A Brief Guide to Successor Special Declarant’s Rights for the Foreclosing Lender The Dust is Clearing: The Evolution of Representative-Type Construction Defect Actions in Nevada The Gaming Law Section 2010 Golf Tournament 2010 State Bar of Nevada Annual Meeting in Monterey, California […]

June 2010

The Death Penalty in Nevada Feature Stories: Capital Punishment Nevada Style: A History Defending Death: A Public Defender’s Experience Observations of Capital Federal Habeas Corpus in Practice in the State of Nevada Preparing to Make the Case for Life Article for CLE Credit: Comprehensive Changes to Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure February 2010 Bar Exam […]

May 2010

Estate Planning Feature Stories: Build Your Dynasty in Nevada The Dilemma of Financed Net Gifts Versus Sales to Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts Nevada Laws Provide Top Trust Situs Regular Columns: Executive Director’s Message: Plan Now for the Annual Meeting Note from the Issue Editor: M. Scott McKenna, Esq. Dean’s Column: Boyd Law School Guest Writer […]

April 2010

Court Rules and Procedures Feature Stories: The Death of Mandatory Arbitration in Public Works Disputes: Does Opportunity Knock for a Better Way? Nevada Adopts the Doctrines of Claim Preclusion and Issue Preclusion Recent Rules Changes in Federal Court Robert E. Rose Judicial Symposium on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Regular Columns: President’s Message: Get Out! Note […]

March 2010

The Pro Bono Issue Feature Stories: Pro Bono Overview: Expanding Your Practice Through Pro Bono Pro Bono Opportunities Through Civil Legal Aid Providers “The Outta Towners” Top Things to Know About IOLTA Regular Columns: President’s Message: Celebrating Diversity in Our Profession Note from the Issue Editor: Anne Wellborn, Esq. Dean’s Column: Boyd Law School Guest […]

February 2010

Personal Injury Feature Stories: Comparative Negligence Under NRS 41.141: Falling Short of Expectations Avoiding Stress at Work Regular Columns: President’s Message: Sacrifice, Honor and Gratitude Note from the Issue Editor: Peter A. Clancy, Esq. Dean’s Column: Boyd Law School Guest Writer Prof. Jeanne Price Young Lawyers: Seek First to Understand, then be Understood Tips From […]

January 2010

The Benefits of Bar Membership Feature Stories: Your Board of Governors Bar Finances – Overview of Approved 2010 State Bar of Nevada Budget Building Your Client Base: Utilizing the State Bar’s Lawyer Referral and information Service State Bar of Nevada’s Ethics Hotline – Reducing the Number of Bar Complaints Since 1994 Law-Related Education – Working […]

December 2009

Professionalism and the Legal Community in Nevada Feature Stories: Civility in the Courtroom – A Judge’s Perspective Ethical Considerations for Public Lawyers Impressive Lawyers Are … The Fifth Annual Professionalism Summit Law Student Essay Competition Winners July 2009 Bar Exam Results Regular Columns: President’s Message: Lloyd D. George Professionalism Award Note from the Issue Editor: […]

November 2009

Honoring our Veterans Feature Stories: A Legal Framework for Medical Readiness Bar Members in the Armed Forces No Individual Liability Under FLSA Setting New Standards for Employers Selected Issues Faced During Real-World Harassement Investigations Effect of the Ricci v. Destafano Decision on Private Employers The Effect of a Sale of Business Transaction on Nevada Noncompetition […]

October 2009

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Issue Feature Stories: The State of Court Connected ADR in Nevada Compelling Arbitration? Not So Compelling in Nevada Summary of Selected 2009 Legislation Relating to Courts, Judicial Procedure and Criminal Justice Regular Columns: President’s Message: Strategic Planning Note from the Issue Editor: Steven F. Smith, Esq. Section Column: ADR Law: Alternative […]

September 2009

Water Law in the Silver State Feature Stories: Overview of Water Law in Nevada Nevada’s Adoption of the Anti-Speculation Doctorine Free Alienability of Water Rights Keeping Tahoe Blue Flexible Water Management Regular Columns: President’s Message: Did You Know? Note from the Issue Editor: Scott McKenna, Esq. Section Column: Environmental Law: Domestic Groundwater Exemptions Dean’s Column: […]

August 2009

Rural Courts in the Silver State Feature Stories: The Circuit-Riding Judges in the Sixth Judicial District Court Nevada’s First Federal Office Building Sixth Judicial District Court’s Three Neo-Classic Courthouses The First and Ninth Judicial District Court Bar Associations The Case of the Concealed Weapon The Challenge of  Establishing the Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program Regular Columns: […]

July 2009

Alternative Energy Law Feature Stories: An Overview of Nevada’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Legal Tools to Protect Access to Solar and Wind Resources Geothermal Resources: Who Owns What? Annual Meeting Recap: News from Lake Tahoe Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure Nevada Supreme Court Authorizes Lawyers to Attend Court by Telephone/Video Gaming Law Golf Tournament Regular […]

June 2009

E-Discovery & Evidence Feature Stories: Have You Embraced the New E-Discovery Rules? Introduction to Computer Forensics Preservation of Evidence February 2009 Bar Exam Pass List Regular Columns: President’s Message: Things I Learned as State Bar President Note from the Issue Editor: Peter Clancy, Esq. Dean’s Column: The Pull of Rankings Young Lawyers: The Young Lawyers […]

May 2009

Bankruptcy Law Feature Stories: Creditors’ Rights in Under-Secured Mortgages Options for Dealing with Debt and the Stigma of Bankruptcy Dollars for Dirt: Creative Financing Option Found in Developer Bankruptcy Understanding Senate Bill 61, “Helping Families Save Their Homes in Bankruptcy Act of 2009” Electronic Filing in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Regular Columns: President’s […]

April 2009

Real Property in Uncertain Times Feature Stories: Foreclosure in Nevada: The Basics One-Action Rule Answering Vexing Client Questions About Nevada’s Property Tax Abatement Scheme Minimizing Risk for Commercial Tenants When Foreclosure Looms Nevada Law Related Education – We the People: The Citizens and the Constitution Nevada Law Related Education – High School Mock Trial Regular […]

March 2009

Entertainment Law Feature Stories: Setting the Record Straight Is the Death Knell Ringing for Ladies’ Nights? Avoiding Common Mistakes During Discovery – North Avoiding Common Mistakes During Discovery – South Regular Columns: President’s Message: The State Bar of Nevada Annual Meeting: Why You Should Attend Note from the Issue Editor: Lisa Wong Lackland, Esq. Dean’s […]

February 2009

Legislative Issue Feature Stories: 2009 Legislative Preview – Requested Legislation Affecting Your Practice Area Discerning Legislative Intent: A Brief Primer Dean John Valery White, Challenges and Successes Meet Your New Judges Regular Columns: President’s Message: Remembering a Great President on His Birthday Note from the Issue Editor: Scott Wasserman, Esq. Dean’s Column: Boyd Launches Mediation […]

January 2009

Meet Your New Nevada Judges Feature Stories: Meet Your New Justice: Kristina Pickering Your New Judges Benefits of Reciprocity Disadvantages of Reciprocity Lewis and Roca V. State Bar of Nevada Regular Columns: President’s Message: Reciprocity Note from the Issue Editor: Hon. Robert J. Johnston Dean’s Column: Guest Writer Prof. Tuan Samahon Young Lawyers: Happy New […]