Magazine Issues

December 2011

Nevada Lawyer – December 2011 Feature Stories: An Overview of Animal Law in Nevada Estate Planning for Pets Nevada Lawyer Goes to the Dogs (and Cats, and Birds, and Snakes) Advocating for Adoptions Check the Box and Let Nevadans in Trouble Know They Aren’t Alone This May Be the Most Important Networking You’ll Ever Do […]

November 2011

Nevada Lawyer – November 2011 Printed Feature Stories: Nevada Federal Court: The Next Best Place for Patent Litigation? Nevada Selected as Patent Pilot Program Jurisdiction Betty Boop in Wonderland, or Through the Licensing Glass Common Mistakes Made by IP Law Practitioners  Using our Legal Skills to Help Those Who Served State Bar of Nevada Members […]

October 2011

Nevada Lawyer – October 2011 Feature Stories: Summary of Selected 2011 Legislation Relating to Courts, Judicial Procedure and Criminal Justice AB 273 Creates New Challenges for Secured Lenders Meet Your New United States Magistrates Regular Columns: President’s Message: Celebrate – Make Pro Bono Part of the Fabric of Your Life Note from the Issue Editor: […]

September 2011

Nevada Lawyer – September 2011 Feature Stories: The Creation of the William S. Boyd School of Law Reflections on the William S. Boyd School of Law Charter Class State of the Law School: Achieving Academic Excellence for Nevada The Nevada Law Journal: Reaching the Bar NRCP16.1(A): In Full Disclosure Regular Columns: President’s Message: A Fond […]

August 2011

Nevada Lawyer – August 2011 Feature Stories: A Quick Guide to Nevada’s Tribal Courts Appellate Law in Nevada Indian Country: The Inter-Tribal Court of Appeals A Snapshot of Indian Criminal Law in the District of Nevada Tribal Courts in Nevada: Alive and Well Nevada Legal Services Tribal Court Advocate Training Project Washoe Tribal Court Tradition […]

July 2011

Nevada Lawyer – July 2011 Feature Stories: A Brief Summary of the Nevada Administrative Procedure Act Nevada Sales and Use Tax Issues for Administrative Law Practitioners Judicial Review of Municipal Decisions: Four Pitfalls to Avoid Point-Counterpoint: Why Nevada Needs a Central Panel of Hearing Officers: PRO CON Practice Tip: Writing Findings of Fact, Conclusions of […]

June 2011

Nevada Lawyer – June 2011 Feature Stories: Health Care Reform: Keeping Abreast of Oncoming Obligations Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008: What Employers Should Know to Avoid Liability Under the More Subtle Provisions of the Act Health Care Legislation: One Lawyer’s Journey with the Constitutional Question of Our Time Regular Columns: Message from the President: […]

May 2011

Nevada Lawyer – May 2011 Feature Stories: The Evolving Concept of Marriage and Coming Convergence of Marital and Non-Marital Property and Support Law “I Spent the Money on Whiskey, Women and Gambling; the Rest, I Wasted” Family Law at Ely – Scholarship and Socializing Regular Columns: A Note from the Issue Editor: Kristen Simmons, Esq. […]

April 2011

Nevada Lawyer – April 2011 Feature Stories: Billing Practices for Difficult Financial Times Nothing is Certain but Death and Taxes, So What About the Estate Tax?  Making Fee Dispute Arbitration Work for You Making it Count: IOLTA Partnerships Pay Off Regular Columns: A Note from the Issue Editor: Beau Sterling, Esq. Message from the President: […]

March 2011

Nevada Lawyer – March 2011 Feature Stories: Pioneering Women in Nevada Law: Nevada Female Firsts Nevada Female Attorneys Today: Member Demographics by Gender Nevada’s First Ladies of Law: A Few of the Women Who Laid the Groundwork A Snapshot of Four Legal Careers: The Advancement of Women in Today’s Legal Field Women’s Associations Within Nevada’s […]

February 2011

Nevada Lawyer – February 2011 Feature Stories: 2011 Legislative Preview: Legislation Affecting Your Practice Area Redistricting in Nevada in 2011: Why We Redistrict Every 10 Years Regular Columns: A Note from the Issue Editor: Scott Wasserman, Esq. Message from the President: Supreme Court Rule 217? Bar Counsel Column: A Change in Your Bar Counsel Dean’s […]

January 2011

Nevada Lawyer – January 2011 Feature Stories: The Environmental Aspects of Renewable Energy Projects Turbid Waters: The Interaction Between Interbasin Transfers and the Clean Water Act Practical Tips for Navigating a Nevada Water Rights Transaction Green is Good; Greenwashing is Bad: Get to Know the FTC Green Guides  Why IOLTA Matters Righting Wrongs: Clients’ Security […]