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December 2019

Entertainment Law: Festivals, Conventions and Events Featured Stories: Permits & Licensing for Festivals Impact of Intellectual Property on Nevada’s Live Music Scene A Roadmap for Navigating Celebrity Appearances at Conventions NFL Draft Comes to Las Vegas: You Can Bet it Will be Fun Vegas Loves Festivals Regular Columns: Message from the President: Our Obligation to […]

November 2019

Family Law Featured Stories: ARTICLE FOR CLE CREDIT: Big Picture Approach to Family Law Appeals Download the Quiz Spousal Control of Finances Safety Considerations for Family Law Mediators Surrogacy in Nevada Nevada Bar Exam Study: The MBE – Predictor of What? Regular Columns: Message from the President: Pro Bono – Commitment for the Public Good […]
Nevada Lawyer - October 2019

October 2019

Immigration Law Today Featured Stories: Immigration Relief for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence Public Charge: New Rules to Enforce an Old Immigration Hurdle The Immigration Implications of a Mergers & Acquisitions Transaction ARTICLE FOR CLE CREDIT: Trust Accounts – Why Do I Keep Hearing About Them? Download the Quiz Regular Columns: Message from the […]

September 2019

Education Law in Nevada Featured Stories: An Overview of Nevada Public Higher Education Law Equal Access to Education for Those in the Know: Protections for Postsecondary Students with Disabilities Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act Failing to Exhaust Remedies Under the IDEA Can Prejudice Non-IDEA Claims Class is in Session: A Brief Lesson on […]
August 2019 Nevada Lawyer Magazine

August 2019

Brewery and Vintner Laws Featured Stories: Beer Does Good: Homebrewer Charity Events Halted by Regulators, but is There a Solution? Co-Branding C2H5OH Nevada’s Three-Tier System: Still Strong, Still Being Refined Fundamentals of Nevada Winery Law Mountainside Retreat: State Bar of Nevada Annual Meeting Continued “The Great Debate” in Vail Regular Columns: Message from the President: […]

July 2019

Financial Wellness Featured Stories: Legal Mistakes That Can Lead to Financial Fiasco Be Wary of Student Loan Scams Common Estate Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Article for CLE Credit: Is Buying Legal Malpractice Insurance Always a Good Business Decision? Download the Quiz So You’re a Lawyer … But Can You Run a Business? […]

June 2019

Civil Rules Amendments Featured Stories: Overview of the 2019 Amendments to the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure The Rules of the Game: Comprehensive Amendments to the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 16.1 Brings Changes to Early Case Conferences A Brief Overview of Selected Changes to Nevada’s Discovery Rules Uniformity of State and Federal Procedure […]

May 2019

Sexual Harassment Law in Nevada Featured Stories: Harassment in Hotel Casinos: Legal Liability, Prevention, and Remediation Responding to Claims of Sexual Harassment Non-Disclosure Agreements in the World of #MeToo College Campuses Respond to #MeToo Stopping Sexual Harassment Before it Starts Regular Columns: Message from the President: “I’ll Be Your Huckleberry” Note From the Issue Editor: […]
Nevada Lawyer April 2019

April 2019

National Legal Trends Featured Stories: The Wire Act Revisited: How the DoJ’s Recent Reinterpretation May Affect Gaming in Nevada Wilderness in Nevada: How the Designation Affects Federal Lands State and Federal Election Law: Some Recent Currents Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Federal Firearms Law Lawyers as Healers: The Growth of Medical-Legal Partnerships […]

March 2019

Meet Your Judges Featured Stories: The Supreme Court of Nevada’s Newest Justices Meet Your Judges Article for CLE Credit: Judicial Disqualification: Federal-State Distinctions Download the Quiz Your IOLTA Account: What You Might Not Know Regular Columns: Message from the President: We Have No Secrets Note From the Issue Editor: Patricia D. Cafferata, Esq. Young Lawyers: […]

February 2019

Legislative Issue Featured Stories: 2019 Legislative Preview Lawyers as Legislators: Attorneys Serving in the Nevada Senate and Assembly Lawyers and the Legislative Process Contacting Your Legislators Music to our Ears: Pro Bono Cases Placed During Annual Family Law Conference Regular Columns: Message from the President: The Congressional Cure: More Lawyers? Note From the Issue Editor: […]

January 2019

Timely Topics and Trends Featured Stories: Employment Law Developments and Trends Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Copyright: Mass-Defendant Copyright Infringement Litigation: the Plaintiffs, the Pirates & the People who Pay Nevada Senate Bill No. 203 (2017): An Important Development for Nevada Corporations and Their Counsel The Case for Creditor Protections in Nevada’s Series LLC Laws […]