Magazine Issues

December 2014

Nevada Lawyer – December 2014 Feature Stories: Handling “Personal Information” in Electronic Discovery Tips for Claiming Internet Copyright Infringement Potential Liability for Employers Accessing Employee Social Media Posts To Text or Not to Text: That is the Question Safeguarding Digital Data Regular Columns: President’s Message: Your Bar: Improving Nevada’s Body of Law A Note from […]

November 2014

Nevada Lawyer – November 2014 Feature Stories: Dazed and Confused: An Employer’s Perspective on the Not-Entirely-Cut-and-Dried Rules of Medical Marijuana in the Workplace Getting Closer to “Having it All” – Directed Trusts: A Unique Direction for Trust Planning Suing the Man Behind the Curtain: Can Nevada LLC Members Be Liable Under the Alter Ego Doctrine? […]

October 2014

Nevada Lawyer – October 2014 Feature Stories: Nevada’s Crooked Territorial Justices Nevada’s Territorial Courts: An Unrecognized Political Influence Toward Statehood Nevada Supreme Court Law Library: Preserving History by the Book Embracing the Past, Looking to the Future Article for CLE Credit: Money Matters: Make Sure You’re Handling Your Clients’ Dollars with Sense (Print the Quiz) […]

September 2014

Nevada Lawyer – September 2014 Feature Stories: The Most Common Misconceptions About Pro Bono Work Eight Tips for Effectively Handling Your First Pro Bono Case  The Bench, the Bar and the Unrepresented: One Judge’s View  The Faces of Pro Bono Work: Nevada Lawyers Who are Making a Difference, and Why Why I Selfishly Accept Pro […]

August 2014

Nevada Lawyer – August 2014 Feature Stories: Litigation Risks of the Affordable Care Act An Overview of Employer Obligations Under the Affordable Care Act HIPPA and Attorneys: How it Applies and Why You Should Care in Nevada HIPPA and Private Causes of Action Section Column: Insurance and Health Law Section Regular Columns: President’s Message: Annual […]

July 2014

Nevada Lawyer – July 2014 Feature Stories: Sage-Grouse in the Sagebrush State Scope of the State Engineer’s Discretion When Issuing Water Permits Distributed Solar Energy in Nevada Fracking Comes to the Silver State … Are We Ready Section Column: Environmental and Natural Resources Law Regular Columns: President’s Message: Giving Thanks in July A Note from […]

June 2014

Nevada Lawyer – June 2014 Feature Stories: Deterring Egregious Conduct and Frivolous Litigation Online Research in Preparation for Voir Dire Admissibility of Expert Testimony at Trial: Guidance for the Trial Practitioner The Nevada Short Trial Program Effectively Using Jury Instructions in a Civil Trial Regular Columns: President’s Message: Lawyer Well-Being and Even Happiness … Come […]

May 2014

Nevada Lawyer – May 2014 Feature Stories: So Your Client has a Judgment; Now What? To Protect Trade Secrets, Companies Must get Smart About Smart Phones Corporate Records in the Digital Age Small Interests, Big Problems: Addressing Minority Rights in Limited Liability Companies Article for CLE Credit: Avoiding Successor Liability in an Asset Sale (Print a […]

April 2014

Nevada Lawyer – April 2014 Feature Stories: Taxation of Legal Entities: From Disregarded Entities to Electing Small Business Trusts Shifting Income Tax Through the Use of Trusts Article for CLE Credit: Some Tips on Tips (Print a quiz) The 12 Biggest Tax Mistakes that Cost Business Owners Thousands of Dollars Each Year 2013 Estate Tax Changes […]

March 2014

Nevada Lawyer – March 2014 Feature Stories: What Every Attorney Needs to Know About Bankruptcy You Can’t Have That: Moving to Nevada and Claiming Exemptions The Individual Chapter 11 Case: Still Problematic After all These Years 2013 State Bar of Nevada Annual Report Regular Columns: President’s Message: Unauthorized Practice of Law: Redux A Note From […]

February 2014

Nevada Lawyer – February 2014 Feature Stories: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Nevada Gun Laws Article for CLE Credit: Nevada Firearm Laws (Print out the Quiz) Elements of a Self-Defense Claim in Nevada The Path to Full Incorporation of the Second Amendment Heller, Nevada and the Second Amendment Regular Columns: President’s Message: Maybe […]

January 2014

Nevada Lawyer – January 2014 Feature Stories: The One Action Rule and Fair Value Defenses A Guide to the Validity of Mechanic’s Liens in Nevada How to Protect Yourself from Liability as a Property Owner and how to Secure Payment as a Contractor Article for CLE Credit: Recent Changes to Real Estate Law (Print out […]