Magazine Issues

December 2012

Nevada Lawyer – December 2012 Feature Stories: Making Sense of Nevada’s Alter Ego Doctrine From Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After: Buy-Sell Agreements The Uncertainties of Series LLCs Behind the Scenes with Law Related Education Say “Yes” to Pro Bono Regular Columns: President’s Message: (Still) on the Road from Cuba Issue Editor’s Column: […]

November 2012

Nevada Lawyer – November 2012 Feature Stories: Employer Social Media Policies and the National Labor Relations Act Public Employees and the First Amendment: The Intersection of Free Speech Rights and Social Media To Facebook or not to Facebook, That is the Question Grant Making: A Great Responsibility Conversation with the Chief Justice  State Bar of […]

October 2012

Nevada Lawyer – October 2012 Feature Stories: Appellate Practice Tips from Our Ninth Circuit Judges Federal Judicial Selection and the Senate’s Blue Slip “Tradition” Senior Status Quo? Changes to Nevada’s Federal Bench Reflect Federal Judiciary’s Trend – Increasing Reliance on Senior Judges Meet Your Judges: Navarro and Du Two Female “Firsts” Celebrate Pro Bono Week […]

September 2012

Nevada Lawyer – September 2012 Feature Stories: Lessons Learned from the “Ballot Royale” Controversy in Nevada Landmark Election Reform Bills Legislators’ Votes Not Protected Speech Post-Election Law and Procedure in Nevada Occasionally Lady Luck Decides Elections in Nevada Regular Columns: President’s Message: E-Mail: The 24 Hour Rule and Other Considerations Issue Editor’s Column: Patricia D. […]

August 2012

Nevada Lawyer – August 2012 Feature Stories: RPCs and Marketing in the Digital Age Technological Developments and the Nevada Supreme Court Google Makes New Features Rain Down on Cloud Apps Build Your Reputation and Grow Your Practice with Strategic Marketing 2012 Annual Meeting Report Online Exclusive: Violence Survey Report Regular Columns: President’s Message: Got Sleep? […]

July 2012

Nevada Lawyer – July 2012 Feature Stories: Development of Renewable Energy Projects of Federal Land (citations) Who Owns Nevada? An Introduction to Public Lands RS 2477:  Public Rights-of-Way in an Era of Administrative Avoidance (citations) Regular Columns: President’s Message: It’s Your Bar Issue Editor’s Column: John R. Zimmerman, Esq. Dean’s Column: Nevada’s Public Lands and […]

June 2012

Nevada Lawyer – June 2012 Feature Stories: The Enforceability of Grandparent Visitation Orders AB 350 Helps Foster Youth Transition Into Adulthood Say What? Communication and the Teenage Client Regular Columns: President’s Message: The Future is Bright Because of You Issue Editor’s Column: Kristen E. Simmons, Esq. Dean’s Column: Unchain the Children Young Lawyers: Gut-Check Time: […]

May 2012

Nevada Lawyer – May 2012 Feature Stories: Diversity Initiatives: The American Bar Association and the State Bar of Nevada Diversity Committee The Need for Diversity Champions and Sponsorship Programs in the Legal Profession The State Bar of Nevada’s Law Related Education Program Specialty Bars Make an Impact Nevada Attorneys and Banks Work Together to Help […]

April 2012

Nevada Lawyer – April 2012 Feature Stories: Nevada’s Open Meeting Law: Promoting Transparent Government Civil Forfeiture in Nevada A General Public Records Analysis Under the Nevada Public Records Act A Quick Review of Takings Law in Nevada Bankruptcy for the Government Attorney Regular Columns: President’s Message: No Intermediate Appellate Court, No Justice, No Freedom Issue […]

March 2012

Nevada Lawyer – March 2012 Feature Stories: Measuring the Success of Nevada’s Foreclosure Mediation Program Nevada’s Foreclosure Mediation Program Turns Two Years Old: Is It Working? Foreclosure Mediation in Nevada: Why Hasn’t It Worked? Eminent Domain in a Down Economy State Bar of Nevada 2011 Annual Report Regular Columns: President’s Message: First Step in Relocating […]

February 2012

Nevada Lawyer – February 2012 Feature Stories: About This Special Black History Month Issue Timeline of African-American Legal History in Nevada (1861-2011) Charles L. Kellar: Legal Trailblazer in Nevada Nevada Civil Rights Act of 1965 Dedicated to Excellence: National Bar Association, Las Vegas Chapter Bar None: Pioneer African-American Lawyers in Northern Nevada Regular Columns: President’s […]

January 2012

Nevada Lawyer – January 2012 Feature Stories: Navigating Post-Judgment Motions in Nevada State Court Avoiding Pitfalls Acquiring Attorneys’ Fees from an Adversary What Settlement Tools Have You Left Unused? Nevada’s Computation of Damages Rule Arbitration: Advocacy Skills and Tactics Picking Up the Pieces: Making Clients Whole Again Regular Columns: President’s Message: Imagine What You Can […]