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December 2016

Family Law in Nevada Feature Stories: AB 263: The Parental Rights Protection Act of 2015 – A Significant Improvement in Family Law Adult Disabled Children, Mandatory Child Support and SSI Benefits – What Every Divorce Attorney Should Know Navigating the Business Divorce Obergefell v. Hodges: A Year and a Half Later and Beyond The Danger […]
Nevada Lawyer November 2016

November 2016

ADA and Disabilities Law Feature Stories: ARTICLE FOR CLE CREDIT: Disability Discrimination Law in Employment Download the Quiz The Ins and Outs of Nevada’s Service Animal Laws Has the ADA Made a Difference? An Insider’s Perspective Nevada’s Veterans Specialty Courts Regular Columns: Message from the President: Volunteering Makes for a Stronger Bar Association Note from […]

October 2016

Feature Stories: Was Your Client’s H-1b Petition Not Selected in the Lottery? Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Question 2 Sweepstakes and Raffles: Do Not Gamble On Compliance Navigable Airspace: Where Private Property Rights End and Navigable Airspace Begins Practice Management: Planning For Succession   Regular Columns: Message from the President: Attorney Wellness Note from the Issue Editor: […]

September 2016

Feature Stories: New Local Court Rules for Federal Court Litigators Offers of Judgment: Can the Prevailing Party Ever Recover Attorneys’ Fees in Federal Court? Discovery in Trust and Estate Litigation Helping Nevada’s Contractors Get Paid Through Nevada’s Prompt Payment Act and Lien Foreclosure Claims How to Look Prepared at Your First Trial Regular Columns: Message […]

August 2016

Feature Stories: The Second Judicial District’s New Youth Offender Drug Court Tech Crime: Nevada Tracks a Moving Target ARTICLE FOR CLE CREDIT: Cybercrime and Child Exploitation (Download the Quiz) Out of the Way D.A.: Out of the Ordinary Cases Regular Columns: Message from the President: Plans for 2016-2017 Note from the Issue Editor: Patricia D. […]

July 2016

Feature Stories: Truckee River Operating Agreement: A Game Changer for Water Supply in the Truckee Meadows Drought Response on the Colorado River: Lessons for Nevada Addressing Water Shortages with Prior Appropriation Principles Managing Municipal Wastewater in Nevada: A History to Build On ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: “Use it or Lose it” for Nevada’s Water in Times of […]

June 2016

Nevada Lawyer – June 2016 Feature Stories: The Future of Foreclosure Mediation HOAs vs. Banks vs. Homeowners: Nevada Shifts Ground on Superpriority HOA Liens When Real Estate Professionals are Independent Contractors The Superpriority of Homeowners’ Associations ARTICLE FOR CLE CREDIT: Words Matter, So Make Sure you Understand What They Mean (Download the Quiz) Regular Columns: […]

May 2016

Nevada Lawyer – May 2016 Feature Stories: Taking Responsibility: Bar Counsel Weighs in on Ethical and Disciplinary Issues What to do When Legal Malpractice Arises Legal Malpractice Insurance ARTICLE FOR CLE CREDIT: The Rules of Professional Conduct in Legal Malpractice Litigation (Download the Quiz) Tort Immunity for Employers and Co-Employees in Nevada Report from Ely: The […]

April 2016

Nevada Lawyer – April 2016 Feature Stories: What Will Become of the Nevada Commerce Tax? Taxing Delivery in the Sky: Drone Delivery and Sales and Use Taxation in Nevada Tax Considerations With Multi-Member LLCs ARTICLE FOR CLE CREDIT: Marijuana Taxation: Strategies in the Current Landscape (Download the Quiz) An Overview of Deferred Compensation: ERISA and […]

March 2016

Nevada Lawyer – March 2016 Feature Stories: The Nevada Court of Appeals Delivers on Its Promise Key Changes in the Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure Taking the Mystery Out of Writ Practice The Appellate Litigation Section The Role and Need for Settlement Judges in Appellate Cases Regular Columns: President’s Message: Three Decades of Change A […]

February 2016

Nevada Lawyer – February 2016 Feature Stories: Navigating Closing Contingencies in Commercial Real Estate Transactions Malpractice Overview for the Transactional Attorney Exit Strategies for You and Your Clients Drafting Business Contracts State Bar Annual Report 2015 Regular Columns: President’s Message: Civility in the Legal Profession A Note from the Issue Editor: Laury Macauley, Esq. Young […]

January 2016

Nevada Lawyer – January 2016 Feature Stories: The ADAAA: Workers’ Compensation’s Blind Side Five ADA Traps for Employers to Avoid Conclusive Presumption of Independent Contractor Status, and What it Means for Employers Arrest and Conviction Records: An Employer’s Guide Regular Columns: President’s Message: Lawyer Assistance Programs and Mental Health A Note from the Issue Editor: […]