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Nevada Lawyer December 2020

December 2020

Property Law Featured Stories: Taking 5 in 2020: Eminent Domain and Takings Update Protecting Protest Art Mediation and Mitigation: How the Nevada Legislature Changed Property Law During Special Session Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic Article for CLE Credit: Aftermath of the Nevada Eviction Moratorium Download the Quiz Nevada Supreme Court’s Current Longest-Serving Justice Steps Down Staying […]
Nevada Lawyer Nov. 2020

November 2020

Military Law Featured Stories: Nevada Attorney General’s Office of Military Legal Assistance Celebrates Five Years of Service After Hearn and AB 222: A Participant’s Perspective on Veterans Court Military Law for Non-Military Attorneys Peacekeeping Status Report from the World’s Newest Country – South Sudan, Africa Article for CLE Credit: The Brain Disease of Addiction Download […]
Nevada Lawyer Magazine October 2020

October 2020

Bankruptcy Law Featured Stories: Small Business Reorganization Act: Perfect Timing in Age of COVID-19 Timing is Everything: How to Get Paid by the Bankruptcy Estate Pro Bono Bankruptcy Opportunities in Nevada Nevada’s Newest Federal Bankruptcy Judge: The Hon. Natalie Cox Article for CLE Credit: Eight Predictions Regarding the Impact of the Coronavirus in the Bankruptcy […]
Nevada Lawyer September 2020

September 2020

Criminal Law in Nevada Featured Stories: A Criminal Justice Reform Bill Aimed at Decongesting Nevada’s Prison Population Nevada Supreme Court Breaks Chains of Cash Bail When a Defendant Forfeits the Right to Confront Witnesses Post-Conviction Primer: What Happens After Verdict Challenges to Inmate Sentencing Calculations: Common Pitfalls in Time Calculation Habeas Petitions Taking Your First […]

August 2020

Women in Law Featured Stories: Is Lady Justice Gender Blind? Perceptions of Gender in Juries Mentorships Make a Difference NNWLA and SNAWA: Supporting and Celebrating Women in the Legal Profession Exemplary Mentor and Volunteer: Marisa Rodriguez Article for CLE Credit: Navigating Ethical Minefields in Personal Injury Litigation Download the Quiz Regular Columns: Message from the […]
Nevada Lawyer Magazine July 2020

July 2020

Personal Injury Law Featured Stories: Elder Abuse vs. Medical Malpractice – A Practical Solution A Premises Owner’s Primer Navigating Nevada’s Workers’ Compensation System Recognizing the Grief Cycle to Help Your Client Settle May the Nevada Legislature Constitutionally Revise the Rules of Civil Procedure? Regular Columns: Message from the President: The New World From the Editor’s […]

June 2020

Gaming Law in Nevada Featured Stories: Crossed Wires: How the Wrangling Over the Wire Act is Shaping Policy in Sports Betting How Will the National Spread of Sports Betting Impact Nevada’s Regulations? Doubling Down or Folding on Privacy Concerns: How New Technology in Casinos May Require Policy Changes A Raffle by Any Other Name … […]
Nevada Lawyer magazine May 2020

May 2020

Federal Law Practice Featured Stories: Practicing in Nevada’s State and Federal Courts: What Are the Differences? A Fresh Look at Procedural Limitations to Diversity Jurisdiction Removal Strengthening our Federal Court and America’s Legal Standard Through the Federal Bar Association The Role of the Magistrate Judge and Consent Jurisdiction Du, Trutanich Assume New Roles in District […]

April 2020

Consumer Protection Law Featured Stories: “DJustice” Unchained: How the Reach of NRS 598 Protects Nevada Consumers What’s Fair with the Fair Credit Billing Act? Article for CLE Credit: Privacy Rights and Data Breaches Download the Quiz NRS 162C: Disability Rights and Nevada’s Supported Decision-Making Act Timeshare 101 for Attorneys An Overview of Nevada Public Utility […]
March 2020 Nevada Lawyer magazine

March 2020

Human Resources Law Featured Stories: Election 2020: Navigating Political Speech and Activity in the Workplace Employee Leave Issues: Five Traps to Avoid Employment Law Changes Effective 2020 Time to Lawyer Up? When to Consult with Labor/Employment Counsel State Bar of Nevada Annual Report Regular Columns: Message from the President: Get the Most of Your Member […]

February 2020

Election Law in Nevada Featured Stories: Initiatives and Referendums Give Nevada Voters Power of Direct Democracy Redistricting in Nevada: 2020 Census Triggers Statewide Redistricting Requirement In Tie Elections, it is Better to be Lucky Than Rich Nevada Expands Voter Registration Opportunities Regular Columns: Message from the President: 2020 – Our Duty of Technology Competence From […]
Jan. 2020 Nevada Lawyer

January 2020

2020 Legal Topics Featured Stories: Basis Bumping: A “Gift” from the Grave Article for CLE Credit: Chronic Stress and the Practice of Law Download the Quiz: 1 AAMH CLE Credit The EEOC Process: Lessons Learned from Fort Bend County v. Davis It’s Time for the NRS 162A Power Play: Changes and Challenges to Powers of […]