Magazine Issues

December 2015

Nevada Lawyer – December 2015 Feature Stories: Nevada Supreme Court: Insurers Must Provide Independent Counsel for Their Insureds Policyholder Rights to Independent Counsel: Issues Remain Regarding Compensation, Supervision of Counsel Avoiding Life Insurance Tax Traps The Court of Appeals and the National Judicial College Partner for Historic Oral Arguments Regular Columns: President’s Message: Your Bar […]

November 2015

Nevada Lawyer – November 2015 Feature Stories: Smoke Signals: Senate Bill 276 Relieves Medical Marijuana Industry Problems and Offers New Legal Opportunities Gunsmoke: Medical Marijuana and Firearms in Nevada Nacent Marijuana Industry Struggles for Access to Normal Financing Medical Marijuana Leasing: A Brave New World for Landlords and Tenants Into the Haze: What Employers Need […]

October 2015

Nevada Lawyer – October 2015 Feature Stories: Prisons for Profit and the War on Drugs Protecting the Rights of Young Victims in Court Confrontation After Ohio v. Clark High-Tech Trends in Nevada Courtrooms Article for CLE Credit: Search and Seizure in the Roberts Court in a Nutshell (Download the Quiz) Regular Columns: President’s Message: A View from […]

September 2015

Nevada Lawyer – September 2015 Feature Stories: Aviation Regulation and Enforcement Overview Article for CLE Credit: Aircraft Accident Investigation 101 (Download the Quiz) There I was at 10,000 Feet…When Happy Landings Depend on the Right Aviation Insurance Flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Nevada John Valery White on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Regular Columns: President’s Message: State Bar […]

August 2015

Nevada Lawyer – August 2015 Feature Stories: A Brief Guide to Nevada’s Justice Courts An Inside Look at Justice and Municipal Courts Learning the Ropes from Seven Justices of the Peace Justice Court: Strange But True Tales from Our People’s Court Regular Columns: President’s Message: Attorney Discipline: Where We Are and More Importantly, Where We Need […]

July 2015

Nevada Lawyer – July 2015 Feature Stories: Transgender and Behind Bars Parentage Boom: The Modern Expansion of the Definition of a “Parent” Can You Remove “the Gay Person” from the Jury? When We Assume… Regular Columns: President’s Message: Looking Back With Gratitude A Note from the Issue Editor: Erin R. Barnett, Esq.  Pro Bono Spotlight: […]

June 2015

Nevada Lawyer – June 2015 Feature Stories: The Worth of a Business Lawyer: Adding Value to the New Business Does Your Client Have Enough Business Licenses? Cutting Product Liability Issues Down to Size: A Guide for Nevada Startups Top Five Employment Law Pitfalls Entrepreneurs Should Avoid ARTICLE FOR CLE CREDIT: Problems Inherent in the Business of […]

May 2015

Nevada Lawyer – May 2015 Feature Stories: Help! My Client Wants to Make a Movie! The Music Industry Comes Full Circle: The Historical Irony and Future Implications of “360” Deals Organizing Live Events in the Live Entertainment Capital of the World The Legal Status of Making Adult Films in Nevada A Primer on the Live […]

April 2015

Nevada Lawyer – April 2015 Feature Stories: Nevada’s Right to Farm Law  The AG Client: Importance of Submitting Comments to EPA Rulemaking and NEPA Draft Environmental Impact Statements  Representing the Agricultural Water Rights Owner  Silver State Alcohol Distribution: From Grower to Consumer  Inside a Great Legal Mind: 12 Questions for Professor Chemerinsky  Regular Columns: President’s […]

March 2015

Nevada Lawyer – March 2015 Feature Stories: David vs. Goliath: The Battle Against Law Enforcement  Pursing Police Accountability: Representing Plaintiffs in Excessive Force Claims  Avoiding a Potential Pitfall of Nevada’s Open Meeting Law Inmate Claims Under 42 USC 1983 2014 Annual Report  Online Exclusive Article for CLE Credit – Intracorporate Conspiracy and Civil Rights in the […]

February 2015

Nevada Lawyer – February 2015 Feature Stories: Lawyers in the 2015 Legislature  2015 Legislative Preview  A Justice on the Jury  Online Exclusive – Marijuana Related Accomodations in the Workplace  Regular Columns: President’s Message: Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Bar, But What Your Bar Can Do For You  A Note from the Issue […]

January 2015

Trusts and Estates Feature Stories: Nevada’s New Court of Appeals  The Myths and Realities of Nevada Self-Settled Asset Protection Trusts The Unlimited Marital Deduction A Tax Checklist for the Trustee Becoming a Nevada Resident When Legal Forms Frustrate Testamentary Intent  Regular Columns: President’s Message: Nevada Bar Foundation Update A Note from the Issue Editor: Kristen […]