Rules & Regulations

Board of Continuing Legal Education Regulations

Supreme Court Rules 205-215

Compliance Deadlines

December 31: Complete annual CLE requirements and submit affirmation of attendance.

January 1: Extension fee period to complete annual credit hour requirements; accompanied by $100 fee.

March 5: Late fee assessed for failure to complete annual credit hour requirements and/or submit annual Affirmation of Attendance and Compliance .

April 1: An attorney who does not completely cure any deficiency on or before April 1 will be administratively CLE suspended.


Application for Continuing Legal Education Credit

Application for Exemption Based on Hardship

Application for Reinstatement

Application for Authorship Credit

Application for Course Preparation Credit

Commonly Asked Questions

Am I required to take CLE?

Active members of the State Bar of Nevada must complete 13 credit hours of CLE each year (10 general, 2 ethics, 1 substance abuse/mental health), unless exempt under Supreme Court Rule 214.


What is the requirement for newly admitted attorneys?

Newly admitted attorneys are exempt from the CLE credit hour requirement for the remainder of the calendar year in which they are admitted, and for the next full calendar year. Instead of earning CLE credits, a newly admitted attorney must enroll in the Transitioning into Practice (TIP) program.


May I carry excess credits forward to the next year?

You may carry forward a maximum of twenty (20) general credits, four (4) ethics credits, and two (2) substance abuse credits that are in excess of the annual requirement. Extra ethics and substance abuse credits may be used to satisfy the general credit requirement. However, extra substance abuse credits cannot be used to satisfy the ethics requirement.


How are CLE credits reported?

Each continuing legal education provider who seeks credit approval for courses offered in Nevada must report program attendance and course credits within 30 days. An attorney may self-report attendance.


May I apply for an exemption from CLE credit hour or fee requirements based on hardship?

You may apply for a hardship exemption from CLE credit hour requirements or annual fee requirements by completing this form. Such application must be made prior to obtaining an exemption unless you are unable to apply in advance by reason of the hardship itself.