Testing Accommodations – Americans with Disabilities Act:

Without impairing the integrity of the examination process, the Board of Bar Examiners has adopted policies and procedures to provide testing accommodations for those applicants whose disabilities are covered within the scope of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

If you have a disability that could affect your ability to take the Nevada bar exam, you may want to file early for testing accommodations. Testing accommodations are available to those with mental or physical disabilities as defined in Nevada Supreme Court Rule Addendum 1(35).

Procedures for Requesting Accommodation(s)

  1. Submit a Request: An applicant requesting accommodation(s) must submit a request in writing at the time of the filing of the application. Requests must be submitted no later than the final deadline for filing applications.
  2. Receive Accommodation Application: The Board of Bar Examiners will respond with an application for testing accommodations.
  3. Submit Required Information and Documentation: Applicants seeking accommodation(s) must submit the completed application together with medical and/or psychological verification completed by a licensed professional with appropriate specialty training describing the nature and extent of the disability and accommodation(s) requested. Use the Accommodation Checklist to assist in ensuring that you have submitted a complete application.
    • The verification shall, at a minimum, fully describe:
      • All test(s) performed to diagnose the disability and the particular disability diagnosed;
      • the effect of the disability on the applicant’s ability to take the examination under normal testing conditions, or special conditions;
      • The accommodation(s) requested and testing conditions believed necessary to accommodate the disability in such a way that administration and validity of the examination would not discriminate unfairly against the applicant.
    • The applicant may be required to submit an authorization for release of records from the medical and/or psychological authorities who completed certificates submitted with the request (or other medical provider(s) who have treated the applicant) if the board reasonably determines that access to those records is reasonably necessary to determine whether an applicant’s condition meets the criteria for accommodation(s).
  4. Application Review by the Expert Panel: The Board of Bar Examiners, after consultation with its expert panel comprised of physicians and specialists whose professions are germane to the stated disability, shall then determine the extent of the accommodation to be allowed, if any.
  5. Applicant Notified of Decision: the applicant will be notified in writing of the Expert Panel’s decision.
    • Procedure for Appeal: An applicant who is notified that the accommodation(s) granted by the Board are less than that which the applicant requested, or that the requested accommodation(s) have been denied, may, within a period of 15 days, file a petition for review with the chair of the board.
      • The petition shall  state with particularity each ground upon which the board’s recommendation is alleged to be less than adequate or inadequate, and shall be accompanied by documentation necessary to support the matters set forth in the petition. The petition may further be accompanied by points and authorities, setting forth legal basis for the relief requested, or such additional medical documentation necessary to substantiate the relief requested.

Accommodation Packet Submission Deadlines:

  • July Exam: Accommodation packets must be postmarked no later than June 1.
  • February Exam: Accommodation packets must be postmarked no later than January 1.

**Petitions without the required forms and documentation will not be considered complete and will not be processed until brought to a complete status. The deadline will not be extended for any reason.**

Testing Accommodations – Temporary or Emergency Conditions

Temporary Conditions

Applicants with temporary medical conditions may also file requests for accommodations using the same procedure as above.

Emergency Conditions

Testing accommodations requested on an emergency basis must be based on an injury or disability acquired after the final application filing deadline.  Emergency accommodation requests may not be granted depending on the timing of the request.

Email Admissions at admissions@nvbar.org to get information about what you need to submit to request an emergency accommodation.