Nevada State Bar Exam

Permitted Exam Materials: The Board of Bar Examiners has approved the following Policies and Procedures, which will be enforced at the Nevada Bar Exam. These rules include regulations on exam materials and personal items that may or may not be brought into the examination site.  The approved rules are as follows:

1. Other than expressly provided herein, applicants shall not possess, or use, any unauthorized materials or electronic devices, including book bags, backpacks, briefcases, computer/laptop cases, purses, hats, baseball caps, hoods or anything else worn on the head (other than religious apparel), notes, books, study materials, any written material(s), flashcards, pens, pencils, highlighters, cellular phones, beepers, watches, clocks, timers, earplugs (except earplugs provided by the State Bar), weapons, calculators, headphones, iPads, iPods, any device that transmits information in any form whatsoever, including “Google Glasses,” “Apple Watches” or anything similar, or any other electronic device(s) in the examination room, for any reason whatsoever.  Applicants who are taking the examination by computer may have a computer in the examination room only on essay testing days (Tuesday and Thursday) and only if such computer has been pre-registered with and approved by ILG.

2. Applicants shall not copy or use answers or information from other applicants while taking the examination.

3. Applicants shall not read examination questions prior to the announcement by the Exam Administrator to begin the examination.

4. Applicants must immediately cease answering any questions after the Exam Administrator has made the announcement to stop.

5. Applicants shall not remove an examination question, or scratch paper, or an answer booklet from the examination room.  Applicants shall not reconstruct any examination question and/or answer by any means.

6. Applicants shall not communicate the substance of any examination question to any other person(s) during the administration of the bar examination.

7. Applicants shall not cause or create any type of disturbance in the examination room.

8. Applicants may not bring any materials in the examination room, other than medication in the original prescription bottle and which was been pre-approved by the Exam Administrator.  The State Bar of Nevada shall supply pens, pencils, highlighters, scratch paper, earplugs and water to all applicants.  No items with writing on them may be brought into the examination room unless approved in advance by the Exam Administrator, including, without limitation, packaging, items on key chains and food wrappers.

9. Applicants may bring odorless food that does not crunch into the examination room.  All food must be unwrapped. Food will only be allowed in clear plastic bags with the applicant’s name on it; this bag shall remain in sight on the applicant’s desk.  Outside drinks of any kind are not allowed in the examination room, as the State Bar of Nevada shall supply water to all applicants.  Applicants may not chew gum or use chewing tobacco in the examination room.

10. Should an applicant bring any personal items to the examination site, these personal items shall remain outside the examination room, and the applicant shall be solely responsible for the safety of these items.  Neither the State Bar of Nevada nor the Board of Bar Examiners will supply an area for personal items that are brought with an applicant.  Neither the State Bar and/or the Board of Bar Examiners assume any liability for the loss of these items.  It is recommended that applicants leave any personal items in their car, in their hotel room or with the hotel valet.

11. Applicants may bring a wallet and keys into the examination room but these items must be placed in a sealed plastic bag with the applicant’s name on it and this bag shall remain in sight on the applicant’s desk.  Applicants are not allowed to open the sealed bags at any time during the exam.

12. All applicants shall abide by all policies and procedures contained herein, as well as such other policies and procedures approved by the Board of Bar Examiners.  Failure to abide by any of these policies and procedures will result in immediate expulsion from the test site and the expelled applicant’s bar examination will not be graded.  The Exam Administrator’s decision in such cases shall be final; no appeals are allowed.