Nevada High School Mock Trial Teams:

Welcome to the 2023-2024 competition season! We hope you will find the experience enjoyable – and educational! During the next few months, your teachers and attorney coaches will work with you to develop the tools and techniques needed to become effective litigators and worthy competitors in the courtroom.

The first step in the process is to register your team. This step should be taken by your teacher coach or the person most responsible for your team’s activities throughout the year. The deadline to register is October 31.

Resources are also available on this page to assist with your preparations.


Mock Trial Workshops & Videos

The State Bar of Nevada’s High School Mock Trial Committee produced a series of videos for new and returning mock trial teachers, coaches and students. These videos provide examples and information on how to structure your mock trial team, how to keep time, and provides pointers on direct examinations, cross examinations, objections, openings, closings, and courtroom decorum and etiquette. The YouTube videos can be accessed here. Videos are provided for instructive purposes only and information is subject to change; competitors will be held to the standards contained in the  current Rules of Competition.

The Foundation of the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC) also has a YouTube channel with short videos offering mock trial tips for students. The videos include helpful suggestions for conducting direct and cross examination, opening statements and closing arguments. The IADC videos can be accessed here.

A link to the 2020-2021 Nevada High School Mock Trial Charles Deaner Championship Round can be found here.

A link to the 2015-2016 Nevada High School Mock Trial Competition Final Round can be found here.

2018 National High School Final Round Video

Nevada was proud to host the 2018 National High School Mock Trial Championship in Reno, NV. The link to the Championship Round video can be found here.

Archived Mock Trial Cases