To apply for reimbursement from the Fund, download an Application for Reimbursement or request one from the State Bar of Nevada. Fill out the form as completely as possible and clearly state what services your attorney was hired to provide to you, what services were provided and what measures you have taken to recover your loss prior to applying for reimbursement.

You should include copies of any documentation that you feel will prove what you allege in your claim. This includes: your fee agreement with the attorney, if you had one; canceled checks; receipts; and documentation of how you have attempted to resolve the issue with the attorney before contacting the Clients’ Security Fund. You should also keep a copy of the completed form for your records. Failure to submit a completed application and attach relevant documentation may result in a delay in processing.

Once your claim has been opened, you will receive a notice that will include a claim number which you should keep as a future reference. An investigator will be assigned to review your claim and may contact you directly for more information. The Committee meets twice a year to consider claims, usually in the spring and fall of each year.

CSF Application for Reimbursement

HIPAA Release Form

If your claim involves a case regarding personal injury, wrongful death or other medical related matter, please complete and submit the attached HIPAA Release Form along with your Application for Reimbursement.

Is there a time limit as to when I can file a claim?

The claim must be filed no later than four (4) years after you knew or should have known of the lawyer’s dishonest conduct.

What happens after I file my claim?

The Clients’ Security Fund Committee will investigate each case and claim filed. A committee representative may contact you for further information and will attempt to contact the lawyer named in the complaint. If the claim as submitted is complete and found to be eligible under the rules listed above, it will be presented to the committee for final consideration and decision.

In determining the amount of reimbursement allowable, various factors are considered, including the amount in the fund at the time the claim is made. Some claims may be very large and, if full reimbursement were made to the client, no one else would receive funds. By limiting the dollar amount of reimbursement provided to some individuals, the funds will not be exhausted in a short period of time. Instead, partial awards can be given to more individuals.

Payment from the Clients’ Security Fund is not automatic. After reviewing a claim, the committee may decide against reimbursement. In that case, a written explanation is issued.

In some instances, consideration of a claim may be delayed pending pursuit by the claimant of other possible sources of recovery (for example, forgery claims, estate proceedings) or possible disciplinary proceedings against a lawyer. Completion of the disciplinary action often can be very helpful to the final decision on a claim.

What is the maximum amount recoverable?

The maximum amount which any Applicant may recover from the Fund arising from a relationship with an attorney is $50,000.00. However, if there is insufficient funding available to pay all the approved claims in a year, each claim shall be reduced proportionately (prorated) to conform to the limited resources available.