Northern Disciplinary Board

The Northern Nevada Disciplinary Board, which includes both attorneys and laypersons, is responsible for conducting screenings and hearings for the Office of Bar Counsel. Depending on the type of hearing, panel members essentially sit as jurors and hear the presentation of discipline cases where there are allegations of professional misconduct.

  • Terms: three-year terms, lifetime term limit of 12 years
  • Staff Liaison: Dan Hooge, 702-382-2200
  • Committee Officers:
    • Northern Panel Chair: Eric Stovall, Esq. term exp. Jan. 2022
    • Northern Vice Chair: Kendra Bertschy, Esq. term exp. Jan. 2022

Attorney Members:

  • Barth F. Aaron, Esq.
  • Sarah Almo-Montalvo, Esq.
  • Nathan Aman, Esq.
  • Kendra Bertschy, Esq.
  • Adam Cate, Esq.
  • Marilee Cate, Esq.
  • Travis Clark, Esq.
  • Lucas Foletta, Esq.
  • Scott Hoffman, Esq.
  • Caren Jenkins, Esq.
  • Alison Kertis, Esq.
  • Asher Killian, Esq.
  • Katherine Lyon, Esq.
  • C. Nicholas Pereos, Esq.
  • Judy A. Prutzman, Esq.
  • Amos Stege, Esq.
  • Eric A. Stovall, Esq.
  • Michael E. Sullivan, Esq.
  • Richard Williamson, Esq.


  • Jan T. Barker
  • Steve Boucher
  • Brian Duffrin
  • Deveron Feher
  • Lynda Goldman
  • Michelle Hritz
  • Michael LaBadie
  • Timothy Meade
  • Stephen Myerson
  • Sadiq Patankar
  • Richard Teichner
  • Brooke M. Westlake