On July 27, 2023, the Nevada Supreme Court received a petition in ADKT 611 requesting the court adopt proposed Nevada Supreme Court Rule 49.5. The proposed rule would allow law school graduates who have not yet passed the Nevada Bar Exam to practice law under limited circumstances under the supervision of organized legal services programs. Associate Chief Justice Elissa Cadish submitted the petition, which was also approved by the Access to Justice Commission for consideration by the Nevada Supreme Court.

The petition states that: “Providing access to legal assistance to indigent Nevada citizens is of vital importance to the health and development of this state. Legal aid providers struggle to hire candidates in the highly competitive and well-paid Nevada market. There are far more Nevadans who need legal assistance than can be adequately served. Virtually any person with a legal matter can benefit from the assistance of someone with a formal education rather than dealing with the matter alone. Adopting proposed SCR 49.5 will increase access to justice by building a pipeline for legal aid providers so those desiring to pursue a career in public interest law may financially pursue those interests.”

The ADKT includes two exhibits. Exhibit A includes the proposed language for SCR 49.5. Exhibit B includes a proposed application for certification of limited licensure.