On Wednesday, August 25, the Las Vegas Township Justice Court issued Administrative Order 21-09, which establishes temporary procedures at the court to maintain public safety during the pandemic and to comply with legislative changes.

According to the order:

  • The court is offering the use of electronic methods to resolve traffic citations, including through the website lasvegasjusticecourt.us. Written plea forms may also be obtained by calling the court at 702-671-3444.
  • Traffic trials have not yet resumed and are not expected to resume until January 2022.
  • Launch of the Matterhorn online service platform has been delayed; however, it is being modified to accommodate Assembly Bill 116 from the 2021 Legislative Session, which reclassified many traffic matters from criminal misdemeanors to civil infractions.
  • Although bench warrants remain suspended since March 2020, the court encourages defendants in traffic-related matters to ensure that the court has their current and accurate contact information.
  • Thirteen customer service windows on the first floor of the Regional Justice center will remain dedicated to for the use of summary eviction matters.

For more information, see Administrative Order 21-09.