Section Pro Bono Challenge

Welcome to the 2024 Section Pro Bono Challenge! The Challenge will run February 1 – May 31. You can volunteer online and select your preferred legal aid provider or reach out to them and they will record your service and we’ll tabulate for the section score each month.

It’s Easy as 1, 2, 3!

All section members will earn points in 2024!

Last year only certain sections formally agreed to participate, but more than 100 points were earned by non-participating section members.  This year we’ll count the participation of every section member, even if the section is not formally sharing regular challenge updates.

Section Pro Bono Challenge winners will be recognized:

  • At the State Bar of Nevada’s annual Bar Conference in June
  • Top volunteer from Top 10 sections win lunch with the Nevada Supreme Court and Nevada Court of Appeals
  • Bragging rights for winning section
  • Feature in Nevada Lawyer, SBN eNews, social media.

Participating sections: Appellate Litigation, Bankruptcy, Cannabis, Family, Gaming, Labor and Employment, LGBTQ+, Probate and Trust, Public Lawyers, Real Property, Solo and Small Practice, and Young Lawyers. (Want to join? Email us.) In 2024, ALL section members earn points, even if your section is not formally participating.

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