On December 30, 2021, the Nevada Supreme Court and the Eighth Judicial District Court issued Administrative Order 21-09/ADKT 0555, which reinforces existing and establishes new court procedures intended to address the backlog of civil trial cases experienced in Clark County due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Eighth Judicial District Court (EJDC), “The order reiterates several EDJC rules, including that judges must set a minimum of 10 cases per trial stack and cases must be set for trial no later than six months after the discovery cutoff. Judges are required to follow and enforce the rules for continuing trials, including making a finding of good cause for a continuance. Once a trial is set calendar call, per the order, any continuance requires a written motion and a finding by the judge of extraordinary circumstances. COVID infections support a finding of good cause – the court will be sensitive to people’s health related concerns and consider giving them the option to file affidavits under seal where appropriate.”

Civil attorneys are encouraged to carefully review the entire order. For more information, see the EJDC blog post.