On June 2, 2022, the Eighth Judicial District Court issued Administrative Order (AO) 22-09 modifying current case assignments, particularly those related to juvenile delinquency and dependency matters. The order also addresses a case reassignment in the Civil-Criminal Division due to a new Chief Judge starting July 1.

According to the order:

  • The current delinquency caseload handled by Department A will be reassigned to Department I.
  • Department L will retain its current delinquency case load.
  • Future emancipation, work permit and release of names petitions will be randomly assigned to one of the two delinquency departments.
  • Department I will continue its assignment to the DAAY Court.
  • Dependency cases from Departments L and I will be reassigned to Department G.
  • The Department G caseload will be reassigned to Department A.
  • The caseload currently assigned to Department 30 in the Civil/Criminal Division will be transferred to Department 7, with the exception of cases in the TAP/OPEN Specialty Court Program.

For more information, see AO 22-09.