On Friday, March 20, the Second Judicial District Court issued Administrative Order 2020-05, stating that the court will continue hearing out-of-custody defendants’ cases. The administrative order includes an exhibit with the language that is to be used when stipulating to a continuation.

The order notes that:

  • The court will email all counsel with proposed continued hearing dates.
  • Defense counsel must notify the state and the court that the defendant consents to the proposed continuance, using the court’s approved language: “Defendant’s counsel certifies he/she has personally communicated with the defendant regarding a continuance; the defendant has no objection and consents to a continuance; and, counsel has advised the defendant of the new court date.”
  • After receiving and reviewing the email stipulation, the court will continue the hearing.
  • The state will prepare and memorialize the email stipulation using the form in Exhibit A of Administrative Order 2020-05.

If the parties do not agree to a continuance, counsel must notify the judicial department 24 hours before the hearing via email.

For more information, see Administrative Order 2020-05