Scam Alert: Lawyers Targeted by Unemployment Fraud Emails

Attorneys should be aware of a new scam making the rounds. Members of the legal community are receiving emails informing them that an unidentified employee has filed an unemployment claim related to the legal business, claims that were fraudulently made without the employee’s knowledge.

In some cases, the employees receive debit cards in the mail at their home addresses as a result of these fraudulent claims. Victims of such scams should report the incident to their local police as potential identity theft.

Although Nevada attorneys have received information related to this identity theft scam, the issue is nationwide, with similar reports arising in Arizona, Illinois, and other states. As a precaution, the State Bar of Nevada has conducted a security review of its member information with its data and website vendors to ensure that member data is secure. This review has not revealed any security breaches of State Bar of Nevada databases.

For more information on what to do if you are or know a victim of unemployment benefit fraud, see the Nevada Attorney General’s COVID-19 Task Force Guidance.