North Las Vegas Justice Court Issues Order Regarding Unlawful Detainer Cases, Including Summary Eviction

On Wednesday, March 25, 2020, the North Las Vegas Township Justice Court issued Administrative Order 2020-03, regarding unlawful detainer cases, including the supplemental remedy of summary eviction. According to the order, forcible entry and forcible detainer actions are not covered by Administrative Order 2020-02; however, any landlord, real property owner or property  manager may by written ex parte motion electronically filed with the court, seek leave for exemption from Administrative Order 2020-02.

Exemptions will only be granted when the asserted basis for the unlawful detainer action constitutes a danger to the community or is otherwise an emergency. This provision specifically excludes no-cause notices and non-payment of rent notices, which will not be considered for exemption.

Essential motions include:

  • Motions to retrieve essential items
  • Motions to contest personal property liens
  • Complaints for expedited relief for illegal lockout or termination of essential services


For more information, see Administrative Order 2020-03.