Nevada Supreme Court Approves Modified Bar Exam for July 2020

On Wednesday, May 20, the Nevada Supreme Court issued an order in ADKT 0558 approving modifications to the format of the Nevada Bar Exam scheduled to be held in July 2020, as proposed by the Nevada Board of Bar Examiners.

The Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) has been eliminated from the July 2020 exam. The essay portion of the exam will include eight Nevada essay questions and a performance test.

The exam will be conducted online using ILG Exam 360, with exceptions for applicants who require accommodation or who choose to handwrite the exam.

The court approved the proposal with one exception. An applicant who withdraws his or her application more than five days before the first day of the July 2020 exam will receive a full refund of the application fee or may defer taking the examination until 2021.

For more information, including alternatives considered by the Nevada Supreme Court, see the full text of ADKT 0558.