Nevada Justice Courts to Implement Governor’s Emergency Directive 008 re: Foreclosures and Evictions

On Tuesday, March 31, the Nevada Supreme Court issued Administrative Order AO-0012 regarding Nevada’s justice courts’ implementation of Governor Steve Sisolak’s Emergency Directive 008, which halts foreclosure and eviction matters throughout Nevada. Administrative Order Ao-0012 establishes a form order for use by individual justice courts throughout Nevada. The form makes provisions for the justice courts to reject certain filings in order to efficiently implement Directive 008.

The form order states that justice courts shall stay the consideration of all eviction and foreclosure matters with the exception of emergency matters and excluded matters listed on the form, including, but not limited to, evictions for non-payment of rent, possession after expiration of term, no cause evictions, and more.

During the period of the stay, the form order states that the courts shall only consider unlawful detainer cases, including summary evictions, stemming from threats by a tenant or resident to the public health, criminal activity, or significant damage to a property. An individual testing positive or an individual’s potential exposure to COVID-19 does not serve as a basis for establishing that a resident seriously endangers the safety of others.

Tenant matters will still be able to be file complaints and motions concerning the status and conditions of their tenancy.

The following justice courts have implemented this order:

  • On Tuesday, March 31, the Las Vegas Township Justice Court issued Administrative Order 20-07.
  • On Wednesday, April 1, the North Las Vegas Township Justice Court issued Administrative Order 2020-04.

For more information, see  Administrative Order AO-0012.