The State Bar of Nevada is committed to the health and well-being of its attorneys. Programs and services ranging from talking to a fellow lawyer experiencing the same issues as you – to seeking clinical assistance for issues related to addiction or mental health problems – are available statewide. Most services are provided confidentially and at no cost.

A brief overview of these programs are provided below. For more information, click on the individual title links below or call 1-866-828-0022.

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers: Confidential peer support for Nevada attorneys in need of support to get in – or stay – in recovery. Weekly closed door meetings held statewide.

Nevada Lawyer Assistance Program: Clinical services for attorneys suffering from abuse, addiction and/or mental health issues which may impair professional competence. Program is staffed by clinical professionals statewide and when sought voluntarily, the initial assessment is provided at no charge to the attorney.

Therapy Benefit: This member benefit offers therapist referrals. If an attorney wants assistance in dealing with a difficult life situation, such as divorce, depression, stress, the death of a loved one, a traumatic case or any other stressful incident/situation, he or she can request the name of a therapist by calling 1-866-828-0022. The first three sessions are provided at no charge. The inquiry and subsequent three sessions are completely confidential.

Weekly Virtual Meetings for Stress & Anxiety: Looking to speak with another attorney going through the same issues as you?  At this closed-door meeting, led by NLAP Director Kristine Kuzemka, attorneys discuss stressors in their practice, personal life, or whatever may be worth discussing with others for insights and/or suggestions on how to maneuver through difficult times. This meeting is not a 12-step meeting and not group therapy. It is intended to be a confidential forum to focus on wellness and attaining balance in both one’s personal and professional lives.

This group will meet every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom. Meeting ID: 848 5609 0264; Passcode: 890509. Call 1-866-828-0022 for more information.


Presenter: Jeena Cho is the co-author of the best-selling book, The Anxious Lawyer, An 8-Week Guide to a Joyful and Satisfying Law Practice Through Mindfulness and Meditation (ABA). She is a partner at JC Law Group PC, a bankruptcy law firm in San Francisco, CA.

2019 LET’S TALK Summit Report

The State Bar of Nevada conducted a LET’S TALK Summit in Las Vegas and Reno and solicited comments from attendees relating to issues of attorney well-being. This report outlines the findings from the LET’S TALK Summit and provides a roadmap for ongoing discussion.