First Judicial District Court Suspends Visitation at Juvenile Detention Center

On Tuesday, March 17, the First Judicial District Court issued an administrative order suspending visitation of juveniles at the Juvenile Detention Center in Carson City for 30 days.

According to the order, juveniles shall appear by teleconference for court hearings, and appointments with their attorneys and any other party essential for their court case.

The chief juvenile probation officer or designee has the authority to release a juvenile from custody at the Juvenile Detention Center for their own health and welfare or the health and welfare of others in the facility. When such releases occur, the chief juvenile probation officer or designee is required to notify all parties in the case, parents or designated guardians. Releases can include the use of Global Positioning System (GPS), house arrest/home detention, own recognizance to parent, guardian or treatment facility or any other appropriate placement.

The administrative order will continue until modified or rescinded by a subsequent order.