Eighth Judicial District Court: Operations of Abuse and Neglect Matters

On Thursday, March 19, the Eighth Judicial District Court issued Administrative Order 20-08, regarding the operations of abuse and neglect matters in response to COVID-19.

Initial protective custody hearings will continue to be held as an essential case type. For more information on essential cases, see Administrative Order 20-01. In-custody hearings will be handled by video from the Clark County Detention Center.

All pleas pursuant to NRS 432B.530 will be continued for 30 days. This continuance includes adjudicatory, disposition, semi-annual review, annual review and presumption proceedings. The Clark County Department of Family Services may continue to offer services during this 30-day continuance. Pleas may be negotiated by the parties and filed electronically with the court during this time. If the court accepts a plea, an order will be filed, and a disposition hearing will be set within 15 working days.

Disposition hearings pursuant to NRS 432B.540 and NRS 432B.550 will be decided on the report filed with the court. Attorneys may file a report to supplement DFS recommendations.

For termination of parental rights proceedings, filed motions may be decided on the pleadings and papers filed, unless the court determines a hearing is required. Such hearings will be held in-person as essential cases, unless otherwise determined by the court. Termination of parental rights trials currently in process will be concluded; upcoming trials set for the next 30 days will be continued.

All specialty court proceedings will be continued, with the exception of in-custody participants. Court-ordered admissions to mental health facilities are considered essential hearings.

Placements at Child Haven are strongly discouraged. No out-of-state visitation will be allowed. Other visitation will be suspended unless the court determines that extraordinary circumstances warrant visitation.

For more information, see Administrative Order 20-08.