Eighth Judicial District Court Issues Order for Managing Juvenile Matters during COVID-19 Pandemic

On Friday, March 27, the Eighth Judicial District Court issued Administrative Order 20-12, regarding management of juvenile matters during the COVID-19 pandemic. In-custody juvenile matters will proceed, but matters for juveniles hospitalized, isolated or quarantined will be continued.

Contested hearings, detention hearings, hearings for entry of plea, certification hearings, disposition hearings, probation violation hearings, and parole violations for in-custody juveniles will continue to be heard. Absent extraordinary circumstances, these hearings shall be conducted through BlueJeans video.

All matters where the juvenile is out of custody will be continued for at least 30 days unless a district court judge determines that there is a critical need to hear an out-of-custody matter. In those cases, the juvenile must appear before the judge by BlueJeans video.

All specialty courts, Drug Court, DAAY Court, Diversion Court, and restitution court appearances will be continued for 30 days. Emancipations will be continued unless the court determines that there is a critical need for an emancipation.

No juvenile matter may proceed without the juvenile present either in person or by alternative means. If the juvenile is unavailable, the matter will be continued.

Signatures on Juvenile Written Admissions: In order to ensure the rights of juveniles are being protected while the court allows appearances by alternative means, all admissions must be in writing and include an acknowledgement of rights and an acknowledgement of the standard terms and conditions of probation or parole. Written admissions must be signed by the juvenile or signed by the juvenile’s attorney as set forth in Administrative Order 20-10 and be e-filed and accepted by the court prior to the hearing. For the week of March 30, 2020 only, written admissions may be filed after the court appearance.

Appearances by Alternative Means: Nevada Supreme Court Rules Part IX, governing appearances by telephonic and audiovisual transmission expressly exclude juvenile proceedings. With the concurrence of Chief Justice Kristina Pickering, this rule is suspended due to COVID-19. Attorneys, probation officers, social workers, parents, guardians, and any other necessary parties to a juvenile proceeding are strongly encouraged to appear by alternative means. Video appearances are strongly preferred for this case type.

For more information, see Administrative Order 20-12.